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United Kingdom

+ - Inside the London 2012 Olympics IT Control Centre->

Submitted by
twoheadedboy writes "With the London Olympics less than a year away, IT preparations are fully underway. IT Pro got to have a poke around the testing facilities as well as the shiny Technology Operations Center. It's an IT project like no other and not just because of the technological asks. The seriously strict deadlines and immovable budgets have made this a truly strenuous initiative — one that we'll be able to judge by this time next year."
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Comment: comparable? (Score 1) 213

by xiao_haozi (#36973326) Attached to: Google+ Registers 25 Million Visitors
Really digging it so far... Just now sure how you can compare membership rates. College kid starting a site and letting it grow through exclusivity vs the internet's biggest presence sliding over users from their other services. Don't get me wrong, they are interesting metrics... just not that comparable in my mind.

Comment: Re:this is a (Score 1) 310

by xiao_haozi (#35794806) Attached to: Fellow Hackers Blast Geohot For Sony Settlement

The main complaint is that he was asking for donations to fight this, and then more or less bailed on the fight. That's the only valid complaint in my opinion, then again, we don't know if and how much money was raised. It pays to be wary of donating to a legal defense fund, you can't be certain it will be spent the way you want it to be spent.

Agreed. Whether it was a good move on his part or not, it doesn't matter when it comes to the donations scenario. He implicitly collected donations to fight Sony, and then discontinued the fight. Would we do it too? Probably. But that is not the point. If I paid seeded X amount of money to you to sail across the world and then you stopped part way because the outcome looked bleak, I would all or some of my money back. Hopefully it does get passed on to the EFF.

Comment: Re:Misleading (Score 1) 310

by xiao_haozi (#35794710) Attached to: Fellow Hackers Blast Geohot For Sony Settlement

it's assumed that he is going to donate remaining legal funds to the EFF

Assumptions are always dangerous, especially when a lot of money is involved. Will he donate all of it, some of it, of none of it? We'll likely never have anything better than his word on what he did with the money. And that has an even more damning effect on these sorts of cases in the future, since people will be much more reluctant to donate to someone else's case after this guy sold out and took the money (even if it's just some of the money, even if it's just *allegations* that he pocketed some of the money).

Well we can always hope that the EFF would share information as to whether these donation claims are factual or not down the road.

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