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Submission + - Bitcoin Exchange MtGox claims to only be able to do 10 SWIFT transfers per day (bitcointalk.org)

xiando writes: MtGox is the biggest Bitcoin exchange on the planet even though their market share has gone from above 80% to below 50%. Many people have been waiting months for their USD withdraws from MtGox. Many people have given up and cancelled their withdraw only to buy expensive BTC at MtGox which they've then sold at Bitstamp at a $10 per coin loss. MtGox's MagicalTux came up with a new explentaion today: MtGox's bank is only able to do 10 SWIFT transfers per day. Some buy this story, others speculate that they are insolvant. Interesting sidenote: Nobody holding BTC wants to touch this story. Story URL is a forum post with IRC logs, but numerous people on #mtgox at freenode can confirm that this is in fact that the CEO of MtGox claims.

Submission + - Nokia CEO eFlop held a press conference and the stock dropped -17% (netfonds.se)

xiando writes: "Nokia CEO Stephen eFlop would not talk about Noikas current profits at todays press conference. He did say that Nokia is "building momentom" for their "new ecosystem". Stock dropped like a stone. He's job seems to make a Microsoft buyout affordable and he is doing a great job at that."

Submission + - Went after 2 bloggers, took 7000 accounts (www.nrk.no)

xiando writes: Norwegian police were asked by the police in Italy to get personal information about two bloggers who were using a server in Oslo. The police decided the best thing to do would be to take the servers harddrive along with personal information about 7000 other users. Other ISPs say this is common operating procedure in Norway these days.

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