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Comment Show me HOW, kthanks. Perhaps I'd even pay a LOT (Score 1) 223

The "free energy" devices on YoTub are all videos of some guy showing some "invention" from one side and various totally unverifiable random claims about the device. What I would like to see is a step by step video. This is what we are going to show you how to build. This is how it will work. This is what parts you need. This is how you build it. This is how you maintain it. Good luck and if you like or product then please donate.

Are there ANY videos like that on YouTube? No, there's not (please, please do correct me if I am wrong!). There is probably a reason for that.

Comment Re: "child porn" laws are somewhat absurd (Score 1) 301

The "age of consent" is different in various countries so some of you will not understand how absurd this is .. but here is the situation:

- You can legally have sex with anyone who is 15 years or older (this varies by country).
- You can legally take a picture or record a video of anyone who is nude/doing something even remotely sexual if they are 18 years or older. It is a serious crime to take such a picture of anyone who is not 18 years old.

So.. you can get a girlfriend when you're 15 and have sex with her for years and when she's a month from her 18th birthday she sends you a naughty picture and someone finds out and now you're in jail and a sexual offender.

Is this very logical?

Comment Re:Compared to Celeron 430? (Score 1) 90

> Just last week, a friend gave me an old PC which he had used as a BSD file server. It has a Celeron 430, 1.8 GHz. I threw in 4 gigs of DDR2 and an old 128 gigs Kingston SSD.

1) The PC-on-a-USB-stick does not have the SATA connectors
2) The PC-on-a-USB-stick stick does not let you add PCI-e cards.

And that is why you can't use a PC-on-a-stick or more importantly an ARM device as a home firewall or NAS server and so on. The Celeron 430 is likely preferable for a whole lot of use-cases.

The advantage of the USB stick are obvious, though: It uses a whole lot less power.

Comment Re: So much for smart devices.. (Score 1, Interesting) 90

I completely agree with those who say that a (big) display with a lot of connectors (no "smart" crap, no speakers, no nothing but a display) is preferable. I never bought a television and enjoy not having one. I have been saying that some big corporation should simple and affordable 40" or even bigger computer monitors/"TV" for years since there obviously is a market. But what do they do? Add more crap to their propaganda devices.

Putting OSes which wont be supported in a few years and apps which are there just for advertising the current generation of TVs into a device which easily lasts 5-10 years in nothing but planned obsolescence.

I tell you: Utterly Stupid and Easily Compromised Things is just the beginning of a long line of horrible problems. This is a fitting way to describe any "smart TV" older than 2 years and it even applies to new ones: They are not smart as Android or Entertainment devices and they never really were: The hardware they put into TVs to make them "smart" is usually worse than a $30 android tv box off e-pray.

My main concern with this is not televisions. It's the cars and other things like that. I've noticed that new cars now come with all sort of "smart" technology which can not be easily replaced. Cars used to have this standard hole where you'd put your car stereo. This had the interesting side-effect of car stereos becoming a very popular thing to steal. That aside, it was a good thing: There was a time where you could just buy basically any stereo and put it in any car. THIS is what I want for the "smart televisions" and the "smart refrigerators" and cars and everything. If you car/tv/whatever is 3 years old and your "smart" thing is slow then just rip it out and put a new one in and done. Will they give us such a standard? No way, not unless the big corporations are forced to buy some bigger over-national corporation like the EU.

Comment Re: Price of a TV vs a Monitor _depends_ (Score 1) 90

There is a state mandated "television license" attached to TVs sold in my country (and most other countries in the fascist union, I'm not sure there is a EU country without this?). I know this is true in the UK. This gives actual computer monitors somewhat of an competitive edge over TVs if you do not already have a TV (and already have to pay the propaganda license you're likely never using). I can basically buy a TV and be forced to pay the regime for nothing or just use computer monitors and "save" enough money to buy a fancy new one each year. The choice seems obvious.

Comment Who needs a phone number anyway (Score 1) 289

It's been years since just about everyone stopped using phone numbers for anything so I do see them going away - but not in 2016. People over 60 still "call" and do use "telephone numbers" to do that and they are not all going to die in 2016. Phone numbers will probably be around a decade or two, they will not go away in 2016, they will just become increasingly irrelevant.

One thing that is kind of funny: They appear to be trying. Even my old mother switched to VOIP like 5 years ago because the idea of paying by the minute for calling someone became totally absurd the moment the Internet came around. Now I see "mobile phone companies" offer "plans" where you get free calls and free SMS and some amount of data for a fixed amount of cash per month. Telephone numbers could actually get a comeback! I say could, though, because it's not likely. Nobody I know has been using numbers to call anyone for years and I don't think they will start now.

Comment Re:Permanently disabling? (Score 1) 225

If I were AMD, I'd devote effort and resources to GCC development. (Maybe they have?)

It really doesn't matter much when most people use this Windows thing and guess what they use to compile that and nearly all the software for it.. As for GCC, that thing usually supports new AMD CPUs/APUs before they are released.

Comment Re:Permanently disabling? (Score 1) 225

Your story must be so true, it is just just so very hard for Intel to check what instructions are actually present and optimize based on that not the CPU ID. It must be totally impossible to do this.. except that GCC does this just fine.

There is a reason why GNU/Linux users have favored AMD processors and there is a reason CPU benchmarks give somewhat different results with GCC code vs Intel compiler code.

Comment Re: Interesting, thank you I will try this out (Score 3, Insightful) 89

A computer illiterate friend has a Windows-infected computer and would like to replace the HDD with a SSD and has been nagging me to do it (because I must know how since I've used GNU/Linux the past 15 years and have no idea how Windows works). If I can just download some ISO for the version already on the old hard-drive and type in the things on the sticker and it'll be a genuine copy then that's fantastic.

As for the parent poster who was talking about "pirating" Windows: Please go kill yourself or give me my money back. You can't buy a non-Windows-infected computer and most of us have paid for dozens for Windows licenses that we've never ever used. If I ever do "pirate" a Windows copy then you can subtract that one against the zillion I've already paid for.

Comment A lot of you are seem too quick to judge (Score 0) 503

I see a whole lot of you making comments basically saying that this is all imagination and can't possibly be true. Most people are NOT allergic to peanuts but some people are and eating peanuts can and do have a very bad effect on these people. It could very well be that a very small percentage of the population are allergic to WIFI. We should not be so quick to claim that the 0.01% who perhaps are affected are imagining it just because 99.9% of us don't notice anything.

Do I know if these people are "making it up" or actually do suffer because of WIFI signals? No. I don't. But I do keep an open mind.

It is interesting to note that the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified as a "potential carcinogen".

One last point: When people complain about the dangers of WIFI I always remind them that the power output of a typical mobile phone for GSM/LTE communications is MUCH higher than the power output for the WIFI radio. WIFI usually outputs something like 10 to 20mW. GSM 850/900 devices can typically can do a maximum of 2 watts (not milliwatt!) and 1W for GSM 1800/1900. Perhaps you could get your local school to turn their WIFI off but good luck turning GSM off in your local area.

Comment My ideal TV would be a big dump screen, that's it (Score 4, Interesting) 235

I do not have a television but I do have a computer with a 3 monitor PC setup (24" 27" 24") and a good surround setup. I would by a "TV" if I could get a big basic screen with a decent resolution - but they simply don't sell those. 40" with supposed "HD" which is really 720p half-HD? This the dark ages? Am I to be impressed with a resolution lower than the average cellphone?

I also do NOT want a "smart" screen ("TV") with some ultra lame SOC which will be outdated in a month running some garbage OS with a lot of bugs and no chance of future updates. These "Android on a stick" type things are likely selling because you can simply replace them with newer models when you feel like it without buying a brand new screen.

I also do NOT want to pay for a garbage tin-can sounding "stereo" when I buy a SCREEN ("TV"). That joke of an amplifier combined with poor quality stereo speakers they include in TVs have no place anywhere near my living-room.

I personally don't even want that "TV decoder" part of a TV, it's not like any of the channels offered are worth wasting time on anyway. The supposed "news" the "mainstream media" offer is nothing but fascist propaganda mixed with entertainment and watching TV shows with commercial breaks it out of the question.

In short: I personally HOPE that the answer to "What is the future of Television" is nothing, I hope it dies and like the telegraph. If someone were to offer a big screen with an acceptable resolution with nothing but inputs and outputs on the back then I would probably buy that. As it stands right now I don't have a television and I do not want one and I would not accept one if I got one for free.

Comment Pre-installed Malware on Chinese phones & tabl (Score 4, Interesting) 84

Bought a Q8H tablet from China & discovered that it came delivered with two types of very malicious malware (Trojan.coudw.a and another) built right into the factor ROM. If you remove it and do a factory reset then you get it back because it's right there in the NAND recovery image. Perhaps the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission could look into that since it appears to be a rather common problem.

Comment Windows Tax will still apply, and nobody wants it (Score 1) 277

Just two quick points: 1) I do not use Windows and I never wanted a copy of Windows but I have paid for a Windows license numerous times when buying hardware. Even now in 2015 it is as good as impossible to buy a laptop that is not Windows-infected and taxed. It really is sad that it is still not possible to buy a OS-free laptop. I suspect this is partly because hardware companies are paid to bundle garbage with their Windows-installations but who knows. 2) A lot of us do not want Windows regardless of the price and will not pay for it and will not run it even if we actually paid for it (through buying hardware with a Windows tax). Microsoft giving this garbage away sound like a great idea for them since it may convince some of those who will not pay for it to use it. ..but then there's people like me who won't touch it even if they force me to buy a Windows license when buying hardware or throw free copies of it at me..

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