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Comment: What do you expect? (Score -1, Troll) 200

by xiando (#47099907) Attached to: Wikipedia Medical Articles Found To Have High Error Rate
Full-time paid employees will always win "edit wars" and be able to put themselves in administrator positions on sites like this. This is why most articles on Wikipedia contain propaganda and fiction instead of facts. If evidence that a government/media story is added on Wikipedia then it is quickly removed and also removed from the edit history (many are not aware that the edit history on Wikipedia is as heavily censored as the articles). It is plain obvious that most of what is on Wikipedia is completely wrong, this should not surprise anyone. That the US government and most governments in the "free" western world employ a large number of "internet trolls" has become "public knowledge" the last year but it has been going on since the Internet came about.

Comment: Good thing they still allow extentions (for now) (Score 1) 195

by xiando (#46970779) Attached to: Mozilla Ditches Firefox's New-Tab Monetization Plans
Two firefox extentions I use now:
"Old default Image Style"
"Classic Theme Restorer"

All they do is restore previous behavior and give back features that have been taken away (like the statusbar). It's really sad that you now need extentions to get previous sane behavior back. And it's also a bit sad that the MemoryRestart extention is still a must since the memory leak problems that's been in Firefox since forever are still present and seem to get worse, not better, each release.

Comment: Re: SIP :) (Score 1) 68

You don't need Google Voice or Skype. There are plenty of dirt-cheap SIP providers out there. Cynnagenmod and a few phones with stock Android has a working SIP stack (I know some phones have it disabled, for those there are SIP apps). I personally don't have a SIM-card in my phone anymore. That is mostly to avoid the tracking involved with using those, your personal preferences may vary. I do not get to make phone calls when walking from place to place but I do get to call others who use SIP free and the rest cheap when I am places (almost everyone has a wifi and most local public places also have one, there's even wifi on local busses here).

Comment: Re: We'll keep on trucking without systemd garbage (Score 4, Informative) 533

by xiando (#46954317) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Practical Alternatives To Systemd?
> How long until all of the software packages that BSD wants to use require so much work to retrofit to use a different init mechanism that they just throw in the towl and accept defeat?

Keep in mind that *BSD is not alone. There are other GNU/Linux distributions that avoid it. Gentoo are among the distributions working on things like eudev (so you can keep on using udev without systemd).

Comment: Re:Accept, don't fight, systemd (Score 1) 533

by xiando (#46954285) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Practical Alternatives To Systemd?
> Whether you love, hate, or are ambivalent about systemd, I think you have to accept it at this point.

No, we do not. The systemd bloatware has infected a huge number of GNU/Linux distributions at this point and it has become integrated with all sorts of things on those distributions. It has become as good as impossible to avoid on the distributions that has adopted it. Luckily you are WRONG, you see resistance is NOT futile. The obvious solution is to NOT use the distributions that have submitted to the systemd world order. Gentoo and Slackware are good alternatives to Fedora, Arch and now sadly even Debian. US Department of Defence subsidiary RedHat can force their NSA-backdoored systemd on some but they can't and won't fool us all.

Comment: More biopollution is not good news (Score 0, Troll) 112

by xiando (#46659469) Attached to: Cheaper Fuel From Self-Destructing Trees
Their "solution" is to genetically alter trees. It seems nobody here read the article close enough to catch that. A problem with this solution is that plants tend to spread their genes in unpredictable ways. Those "round-up"-ready genes the inventors of Agent Oragne (Monsanto) put into their seeds has already spread into the wild. If your farm is next to a farm using Monsanto sees then it's very likely that your natural seeds will be invested with these genes. The same is true here. Those "super" new trees will eventually end up spreading their fancy modified genes into natural trees. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING.

Comment: Too late, optical media has been dead a decade (Score 0) 250

by xiando (#46449161) Attached to: Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward
> 2014
> Optical disc
lol, really? get with the times

yeah I got suckered into collecting CDs back in the day. I learned my lesson when I bought a "CD" and put it in my cd-player and it broke it (well, just locked the tray and I had to open it to remove the disk) and I noticed it wasn't a Compact Disc(tm) but something the same size with "copy protection". I skipped the DVD thing entirely. Buying a blueray player or disc never crossed my mind, that came along long after I got used to getting my media from the internets. I don't think it matters if they present some fancy new disc with 300GB or 300TB, I won't be buying no optical media again and no fancy talk about size or whatever will change that. It's too late.

+ - Nine Lessons Other Desktops Can Learn From KDE

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "The story of KDE's user revolt is well-known. What is less well known is that, in the six years since then, KDE has been steadily regaining its user-share. In fact, for the last few years, KDE has registered as the most popular desktop among experienced users. Despite the obvious limitations of reader polls, they show KDE's popularity consistently well ahead of Xfce, the usual runner up. Even assuming a wide margin of error in the polls, the consistency makes KDE's recovery hard to question. What are the secrets behind KDE's comeback? There are at least nine design guidelines, some of which may be unofficial, and others that are at least working guidelines, if not official policy, for the development team. In summary: reform instead of revolution, old features remain as options, not designing for the high end, desktop modularity, constant revision, encouraging clutter, functional widgets and desktop effects, emphasis on configuration, a policy to manage change."

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+ - What Is PCIe SSD->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The use of PCIe technology has drastically improved the performance of Solid-State Storage devices. Higher data transfer speeds and dynamic data storage capabilities are some of the features increasingly luring vendors into adopting the use of PCIe SSDs."
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Comment: Re:This is actually good news (Score 0) 465

by xiando (#46367537) Attached to: MtGox Files For Bankruptcy Protection

How do we know btc-e or bitstamp aren't already skimming coins?

I honestly thought it would be the fiat mismanagement at MtGox that would bring them down, BTC insolvency. Most of you seem to ignore the fact that they only had about half of the customer fiat currency "in customer accounts" in their bank when they closed up. If I request a fiat withdraw from Bitstamp then it's in my account the next day. As for btc-e, I don't use it and I strongly recommend that you don't use it either. If Bitstamp suddenly stops processing withdraws of any kind (BTC or fiat) in a timely fashion I'll be out of there before you can say "bank robbery". This is currently not the case.

Comment: This is actually good news (Score 5, Insightful) 465

by xiando (#46366999) Attached to: MtGox Files For Bankruptcy Protection
Failed exchanges are supposed to die. This is how a free market is supposed to work. I have been warning against using MtGox since April 2013 and you can all go check my Bitcointalk posts to see that this is true. If you request a withdraw from an exchange and it suddenly takes two weeks instead of a few days before you get your money then it is time to get out. If the delay increases to four weeks then six then months then it's clearly time to not only get out but also warn others about this exchange. A whole lot of extremely stupid people ignored all the red flags and alarmbells and they lost money when this exchange went bankrupt. This is very good. A small percentage of the people who lost money at MtGox will learn from this and be more careful and picky as to where they place their money in the future. If you do not have control of the private keys of a Bitcoin then you don't have the Bitcoin, you have an IOU with someone who may or may not hold Bitcoin for you. The demise of MtGox will sadly make many of the idiots who lost money there cry for more government, more regulation and more fascism. Fascism is not a good solution, more personal responsibility is the solution. As I said, there were dozens of red flags yet people kept using this clowncar exchange. "but but but I can arbitrage because the price is 25% higher there" said a lot of people who ended up loosing their money. Well duh, why do you think that 25% premium was there in the first place, stupid? In short: Fools and their money are usually separated. If you can't bother to do five minutes of basic research of the place where you plan to place thousands or millions of dollars then you get what you deserve. This is, in my opinion, a good thing.

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