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Comment: Re:Not just iPhone (Score 1) 140

by xfizik (#47440723) Attached to: Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

The US has helped keep the free world free since the end of World War 2, and some people resent that and the failure of their preferred ideology.

If anything, the US has maintained a tight grip over the "free world" since the end of WWII. You are free to like this definition of "freedom", but this is not what freedom is supposed to be like.

Comment: Python FTW (Score 1) 143

Don't bother with R, use Python from the start. On the off chance that you may need some R functionality that can't be replicated or doesn't already exist in a Python library, you can always call R functions from Python through an interface/wrapper. As far as programming languages go, Python and R play in different leagues.

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by xfizik (#47306235) Attached to: Opera Releases a New Version For Linux
Not only have I seen the last few releases, I have been using Firefox since version 2 and my primary browser on Linux and Windows. And I am generally happy with it. If you don't like the UI/UX, you have multiple options starting from countless addons that can customize just about every pixel of Firefox. And as others mentioned, there are other builds of Firefox for people just like yourself who are not happy with the default UI.

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by xfizik (#47260527) Attached to: Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year

Anyone who hangs around on car forums and blogs knows well European cars have on average a pretty bad reliability record and terrible resale values, while the Americans have gone a long way to improve both the technology and reliability.

You must live in a parallel universe if you believe this. Most European cars, and that includes both Volvo and all German brands simply play in a different (better) league with respect to quality when compared to the Big 3. The latest 3 million car GM recall is just one proof of that.

Comment: Slippery slope (Score 1) 431

by xfizik (#47255641) Attached to: Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year
Consumers can tell the difference between VW made in Mexico and VW made in Germany, and VW is not owned by Chinese. Whoever thinks that Volvos made in China would be (in the near future) as good as Volvos made in Sweden is just delusional. Although, they'd still likely be much better than American cars (GM, Crysler, Ford).

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by xfizik (#47152101) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015
There IS NO new menu! What exactly do you prefer?
There is big difference between not using something and not being able to use something. What you are saying is basically you don't use the start menu which you equally could "not use" if it was there. I can't get used to not having the start menu, because it's not there. It's not that I can't get around it:
- I can install a 3rd party start menu
- I can pin all the apps I need to the taskbar, which is what I do now.
But it is not convenient, it's extra effort. Also, not having start menu really sucks when working over RDP where I have to move the mouse at the exact left bottom corner to get what I need. Yes, I can learn the new patterns, but why do I have to? Especially, on Windows Server where nobody in there right mind would use touch screen.
P.S. The start menu thing has been discussed so many times already.

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by xfizik (#47149571) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015

Every decision that Microsoft makes affects nearly every human being in the modern world.

So does their every indecision. And in this case a wrong decision they've been stubbornly holding on to for too long.

You don't know that. There are much smarter people than you, at Microsoft, who know whether this statement is true or not.

You don't know that [there are much smarter people than me, at Microsoft].
And I actually do know that, because the start menu is just about visual representation of what's installed on the system - all the programs still go to C:\Program Files, for god's sake. If MS couldn't show me a list of shortcuts without breaking something, I would have some bad news for them :-) And let me tell you, as a Windows user I will be judging whether Microsoft makes good things or not, because ultimately they make their products for customers like myself, not for those imaginary people (who are supposedly much smarter than me) who can't admit their own mistakes and give back to users much needed functionality.

Comment: I don't understand (Score 5, Interesting) 516

by xfizik (#47148333) Attached to: Microsoft Won't Bring Back the Start Menu Until 2015
One thing about Microsoft that I don't understand is its seeming slowness at doing simple things. OK, everyone agrees there has to be a Start Menu, it is not hard to implement (see lots of 3rd party apps doing just that), it will not break any existing Windows functionality, MS has virtually unlimited highly skilled resources, yet this obvious simple improvement takes months (if not years) to release. Let alone the fact that this problem should never have existed in the first place.

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