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Comment Re:Amazing (Score 3, Interesting) 492

That "someone" didn't get Russia, China, France and Britain to sit down and negotiate with Iran. Those countries never had as big as problem with nuclear Iran as the U.S. did/does. It was mostly the other way around - the U.S. threatening Iran and the others with leaving the talks and keeping the sanctions every other day.

Comment Re:Chapel Hill/ Carrboro North Carolina (Score 1) 654

It does make economic sense, but it's not easy/cheap/quick. In fact, that's what's being done in my city right now. But they started extending the existing platforms 2 years ago and it's going to take another year. Some platforms had to be moved/rebuilt from scratch. So back to my point - it's not easy :)

Comment Re:Chapel Hill/ Carrboro North Carolina (Score 2) 654

It's easy to add more cars to the train.

It's not easy to add cars because you'd have to extend existing platforms to accommodate longer trains, which is usually expensive and time consuming.
This is not to discard the entire point about the value of light rail, but that particular argument is incorrect.

Comment Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 1) 208

Things can not be what they used to be forever, especially in IT. Things change.* A few years ago there was no Chrome - it was FF and IE. Now the browser market is completely different. Maybe Yahoo isn't paying Mozilla as much as Google used to so Mozilla needs new partnerships. It's complicated, we can only guess what's going on behind the scenes in Mozilla's business, but ultimately, they do what they think is best - for them and for their users. Those priorities don't necessarily align all the time.

* Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!

Comment Re:My Plans for Firefox (Score 1) 208

What's an "open source company"? Mozilla, like any company, has to generate enough revenue to pay their employees, do R&D, marketing and cover a bunch of other expenses. How they do it is up to them. Whether to use their products is up to you. I'm ok with the current version of FF and I don't feel sold out. Sure, there are a few picky things I'd like improved in FF, but the alternatives are way worse.

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