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Comment: Re:Technically, it's not a "draft notice" (Score 3, Funny) 196

Technically, the notice is called a "Failure to Register with the Selective Service Notice". I had one forwarded to me after I had already been in the Army 4 years (I enlisted a little before my 18th birthday), and was already serving in Afghanistan. I called the contact number, and the exchange went something like - Me: "Hi,this is Specialist [MyRealName], U.S. Army. I received one of your Failure to Register notices. I'm kinda in Afghanistan right now, what am I supposed to do with it?" Helpdesk person: "Er, umm... our apologies... umm, Soldier. Uh... thanks for serving. We'll update your record. What's your Social?"

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by xfade551 (#47360919) Attached to: The lightbulb I've most recently acquired ...
Just so you know (and a lot of people get this mixed up), 120/240V in the U.S. is not 2-phase power (with the exception of one small hydroelectric served area of upstate NY, which actually has some relic 2-phase generators)! You are receiving single-phase power off a 3-phase transmission system (typically, one residential neighborhood will be on the same phase), with a center-tapped/center-grounded step-down transformer providing service to your home. "Split-phase" is a more appropriate nickname for a center-grounded single-phase electrical system.

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It's also sitting higher than the estimated combined value of all the earth's gold, silver, and platinum (already extracted and unproven reserves included) which is about $15T (source: National Geographic's "Secret History of Gold"; this special didn't relate that number to U.S. Debt, it was my own observation).

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by xfade551 (#47263211) Attached to: IRS Lost Emails of 6 More Employees Under Investigation
So, if it was like the scenario at my workplace, at that same time period we were stuck with an obscenely low (50MB) MS Exchange inbox limit (since bumped to a "whopping" 100MB), which forces you to sort everything to local PST files (which default to encrypted-format), then had lowest-bidder full disk encryption on top of that (quite possibly GuardianEdge). The version of GuardianEdge in use at the time had a nasty tendency to crash harddrives... of my office of 28 persons, all 28 had an unrecoverable harddrive crash during that same time period. To compound things, GuardianEdge would also encrypt external USB drives, but the encryption key was stored on the internal drive. Personnal network partitions were also too small at the time to back anything up to the network.

But, in spite of all this, it's still way too "convenient" that these emails were lost.

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I don't have time to do it myself, but with the information provided in the court case (without possessing this "Schedule A" that I presume is sealed by the court), simply that the defendants are "Morgan Jack, Datalink 4 and Datalink 7", I think a motivated Slashdotter could effectively rebuild and repost the URL list before Google (maybe) de-lists them.

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I pretty sure this just means Microsoft ran out of IPv4 addresses that they bought for the specific purpose of their Azure service, so they are now "borrowing" addresses from their other address pools. This also means their Azure services are no longer one continuous block of addresses.

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Let's see, meteor generates a plasma trail... that would be moving charged particles (both positive and negative). Moving charge means a changing electric field. A changing electric field causes a changing magnetic field, so we have a changing electro-magnetic field... i.e. radiowaves. The ions in the plasma trail don't stay that way, the electrons get recaptured at some point, which means a photon will be discharged, i.e. a radio wave-packet. As to frequency, just put a couple grad students to write a program to calculate photon emission frequencies of a couple million different ion configurations, and they'll probably find the correct correspondence somewhere in there.

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