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Comment Keytronic lifetime (Score 1) 452

I've used the keytronic lifetime series for a long time (since 1998), and am very happy. They have good travel, but are reasonably quiet. And the "lifetime" part of the name refers to the warranty, which they stand behind, without any attempt get out of it. I use the lifetime trackball, which is ergonomically awesome, but unfortunately uses a mechanical trackball, which means that it doesn't last very long (about a year!!!!). The keyboard part always outlasts the trackball.

Comment Re:Opinion from experience (Score 1) 700

The key observation from you post is that college classes don't have any prerequisites (this was my experience as well). You can learn everything there for the first time, no harm. So maybe it doesn't matter how much material you cover in home school. I covered very little before college, but went on to get a PhD