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Submission + - Nuclear Attack From Aliens Eradicated Life On Mars, Physicist Claims->

xenophrak writes: International Business Times writes:

"The ancient life on Mars was eradicated by aliens armed with nuclear weapons, plasma physicist and an expert in propulsion technologies Dr John Brandenburg believes. He therefore warns that a nuclear attack of this kind will also happen on Earth.

In his paper titled "Evidence of a Massive Thermonuclear Explosion on Mars in the Past, The Cydonian Hypothesis and Fermi's Paradox," Brandenburg concludes that the Earth's interstellar neighbourhood has forces or beings hostile to young, noisy, civilisations like the ones people has on Earth. It is with the same reason that aliens launched a nuclear attack against the ancient life on Mars, he said."

How would we go about proving or disproving that the was a natural or non-natural event that took place of Mars? Also, has the Cydonian Hypothesis been validated?

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Comment Please sign the petition (Score 1) 211

Please sign the petition over at to get the US to act in getting the Japanese government to allow US/UN assistance in cleaning up the spent fuel pools. This is an urgent need.

~ X

Submission + - Sign the petition to help Fukushima Cleanup->

An anonymous reader writes: Several stories are appearing that cast doubt on Tepco's ability to correctly execute the spent fuel removal from Fukushima without significant risks (,,,

I have created a petition on the website to, hopefully, give a platform to those seeking the US to have a bigger role in the cleanup, which could literally affect the entire world if improperly handled. Each country, in its own best interests, needs to volunteer to prevent a catastrophe, and Japan needs to accept that it needs all available resources to combat this mess.

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Comment PET Scan (Score 1) 191

PET scanning uses radioisotope Beta decay to Neutron, Neutrino and Positron, Positron -> Electron annihilation -> Gamma -> detection.

This is using an existing source of positrons, beta radiation.

The non-trivial stuff is making anti-atoms. That's quite difficult.

Comment What is the source? (Score 3, Insightful) 501

Over at Yahoo ( ) they are reporting that there are only 86 IP addresses causing the outages:

"SEOUL, South Korea -
Cyber attacks that caused a wave of Web site outages in the U.S. and South Korea
used 86 IP addresses in 16 countries, South Korea's spy agency told lawmakers
Friday, amid suspicions North Korea was behind the effort."

Now, I'm a little skeptical that they didn't mean ISP instead of IP, but if it is true that there are only 86 hosts generating this much fanfare, then the network admins should be strung up with cat6 for not just blackholing these punks at the edge router. I guess we get the best govt. IT we can afford, right?

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