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Comment Re:Gigabit connection (Score 1) 408 408

KCMO is one huge fucking jurisdiction. Nothing like the Bay Area with a couple dozen cities and their own jurisdictions and contracts and holdout dilemmas. And I'd argue that if the purpose of a pilot is to learn something about the market, you need to go outside the Bay Area, so you can learn how to sell this in the marginal US cities. Of course the Bay Area has demand. But can you sell it in the other 98 percent of the US?

Comment Re:Why just predict, when you can prevent? (Score 4, Interesting) 348 348

That's a pretty big assumption. The advantage this thing has is that you can outfit the traffic lights to delay the green light while the runner crosses and prevent the problem without instrumenting every car on the road.

And ticket the jackass who might have killed someone.

Comment Re:Why *partial* caps?!?!?! (Score 1) 325 325

I'm guessing their current ad campaign on smartphones blasting all their competitors and lauding themselves as being the last truly unlimited phone plan has something to do with it. Advertising unlimited one month and take it away the next seems to be one of those bait 'n' switch tactics that attract regulator's attention.

Comment Re:I have $127k in student loans (Score 1) 917 917

My undergraduate student loans are at 2.25 percent. But they dont hand out 127k worth of that. To get that kind of debt you have to become a dentist or doctor or lawyer. Aka, traditionally rich professionals. You pay that much because the certification is worth that much.

Comment Re:Not why many people use folders (Score 1) 434 434

"The study suggests to me that people just aren't fluent in using their e-mail applications."

Did you actually read the study? Everyone was using the same email client, and had been doing so for quite a while, and the sample only included people who'd used all retrieval features at least once.

Of course, we don't know whether bluemail is better at one kind of use vs the other. Except for this study...

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