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+ - World-Wide Sting on Internet Piracy.->

Submitted by xenn
xenn (148389) writes "The linked article, titled by TVNZ as "Kim Dotcom bail appeal dismissed, funds released", somehow doesn't quite capture the drama the lies within...

"Meanwhile, it emerged today that US authorities are investigating Dotcom's pregnant wife, Mona Dotcom, as part of a world-wide sting on internet piracy.

Toohey said she had received a preliminary application from the US indicating that Mona could have been involved in Megaupload.""

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Comment: Re:uh oh, talking out of channels (Score 0) 124

by xenn (#35717000) Attached to: Creating the Software Art In <em>Tron Legacy</em>

that's really a truly great idea.

very few musicians have even tackled 5.1+ surround audio, let alone release each track as a bunch of separate mixable objects (ie bassline, drum track, or vocals as an individual sound file or track)

that's how I intend, and I expect DJ culture to lap it up.

It will take time, but before too long it will be defacto in the 'live' scene.

ASHes to ASHes, DOS to DOS.