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Comment: Re:Anime FANSUBS create a market where there was n (Score 0) 199

by xenapan (#35108612) Attached to: Piracy Boosts Anime Sales, Says Japanese Government Study

Bakemonogatari is probably one of THE best animes to come out in YEARS. Instead of the large amounts of same forumla stuff that comes out constantly. It isnt another harem of girls falls in love with weakling guy kinda thing. The animation style is very unique.

Ironically, I still refuse to buy box sets of anime I love. 99.9% of the time the english dub versions they release are just plain bad and their subs are worse than fansubs. I find it hard to justify paying for something of lower quality than I can get legally (before its licensed in the US). I mean if they did a better job of the subs and dubs and released it along the same time as the Japanese version sure. I wouldn't hesitate to buy. But when all they are offering is lower quality stuff that I can't stand listening to... hardly gives any incentive to buy. Only anime I have a box set of is Hellsing because the dubs aren't total trash.

Comment: Re:What I care about (Score 0) 493

by xenapan (#34910664) Attached to: The Ambiguity of "Open" and VP8 Vs. H.264

That is a given but it presupposes the fact that it gains dominance. It won't happen overnight thats for sure. The majority of users probably have no idea what codec videos they watch are using. All they know is they are watching youTube etc. What they NEED to do.. is basically implement it with no backwards compatibility. Replace youTube with their new format. How many people do you think will give up their YouTube just because they have to install yet another piece of something they don't understand? Not alot is my guess.

Comment: Re:The article talks about VDI a lot (Score 0) 498

by xenapan (#34884104) Attached to: Should Employees Buy Their Own Computers?

My Co-workers all have company macbooks. Or most of them anyways. I have an old DellXPS (but still dual core) I code on my host machine but most people with the macs load windows VMs (our software only works in windows anyways). I would personally love to upgrade to one of those quad core macbooks.. or even just be able to use my home laptop (which doesnt have an intergrated video card on the chip..)

As for phones... the more senior employees have company phones (most of them have been upgrading to various android devices) and they use it as their personal device as well.

Comment: Re:Quantity, quality... who cares? (Score 0) 535

by xenapan (#34692152) Attached to: Chinese Written Language To Dominate Internet

I love how you know the results of your actions before you have even taken them. So say the most common dozen languages on the planet and NONE of them would ever open up anything useful to you? I guess I will need to communicate this in a way you will understand.


Oh. and do share your powers of precognition with the rest of us.

Comment: Re:Apple's going to change computing for the masse (Score 0) 244

by xenapan (#34690310) Attached to: Apple's $1 Billion Data Center Mystery

steps to keep them safe? you mean by having a smaller market share than microsoft which makes them a smaller and less inviting target? Sure. they lack the gaping hole that is flash. Oh wait that only applies to iPod/Phone/Pads. Fact is Macs are no more secure than Windows is. There just any viruses for them... YET.

Comment: Re:Mozilla's public disclosure (Score 0) 154

by xenapan (#34687480) Attached to: Mozilla Posts File Containing Registered User Data

If you FINISHED reading the would know
a) only Mozilla staff and the ONE 3rd party person who informed them ever downloaded the file
b) it was a PARTIAL representation. All accounts were inactive
c) all the passwords were wiped and the file pulled.

this is non-news really.
1) The only 3rd party download informed mozilla so they obviously have no malicious intent.
2) unused accounts.
3) no way to use those passwords since they were wiped... the one person who downloaded the passwords COULD try and login to other sites with the same email and combo and thats about it. (see 1)

Comment: Re:MUST PROTECT THE STUPID! (Score 0) 620

by xenapan (#34643762) Attached to: Electric Cars May Be Made Noisier By Law

Dead? Chances are if the electric motor is the only thing running, you would be hit at at best 15mph which is basically the issue here since we are talking about parking lot speeds. Not some idiot ignoring a red do not walk sign in the intersection because he can't hear a car coming and you in your EV at 35mph. This is a much bigger problem for the drivers than it is for pedestrians as they are the ones that will be hit paying for insurance/lawsuit etc. Not to mention the possibilities of perfectly healthy (not blind or deaf) scammers getting "hit" so they can drop lawsuits on people (if you have an EV you gotta have money!)

For the record I want my car to have TIE fighter laser sounds (pew pew!) that or the legalese explaining why these sounds are coming from my car. "This engine noise brought to you by bill ___. Electric vehicles are now legally required to emit blah blah blah"

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"