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Comment: they will defeat themselves (Score 1) 981 981

The U.S. seems to be doing pretty well while sucking at math. Fact is you don't need everyone to know math. You only need the small group that engineers your weapons and nukes to know math, the rest only need to be able to pull a trigger or press the "Launch" button.

Comment: It goes the other way too (Score 1) 546 546

There are a lot of home grown coders that lack the theoretical expertise for modeling complex systems. You certainly would not need a degree to build Twitter or Facebook, but you need some pretty good math and theory to support millions of simultaneous users.

Comment: Clearly... (Score 1) 158 158

This initiative is sponsored by large US banks. They don't want the competition from foreign banks to have billions in drug money deposits. I wish US companies would repatriate their profits the way drug cartels do. Even though no taxes are paid, at least the money would be spent here.

Comment: Like so many things American (Score 1) 184 184

The perception of the problem is bass-ackwards. It's not the Distracted part of Distracted Driving that is the issue, it's the Driving part. Personally I HATE driving especially in large cities. Give me fast clean public transport and I'm happy as a distracted clam.

Comment: As it should be really (Score 1) 818 818

99.9% of the people have nothing important, relevant, or interesting to contribute to society. Shut up, go watch your Jerry Springer shows, and let those who can take care of things. It's not your capital or investments that are risk, it's ours. At least you can take solace in knowing that you have little to lose.

"Well, it don't make the sun shine, but at least it don't deepen the shit." -- Straiter Empy, in _Riddley_Walker_ by Russell Hoban