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Comment Re:20th Century culture lost (Score 1) 367 367

I agree! Although the most popular movies will be preserved, so much other stuff will disappear, never to return. It's already happening.

If it weren't for these long copyright laws, people could openly archive and share these cultural artifacts so that they will be available to future generations.

Incidentally, this is why I think electronic-only, DRM-encumbered releases of books, music, and videos are vastly inferior to physical copies of the same. Physical media (well books and vinyl records anyway) will outlast technologies and whims of history, and can be digitized hundreds of years from now.


Submission + - The Economics Of Giving Things Away For Free

An anonymous reader writes: Lots of people think that giving stuff away for free somehow goes against "capitalism" or basic economics. However, what if that's not true? Techdirt has a detailed post going through the economics of free content and how it can be used to grow a market. When read in context, it shows why things like open source software actually are an important part of a thriving free market economy. Seems like a useful thing to read if you're in any business that relies on "intellectual property."

Submission + - Any creative uses for an extra hard drive?

GM_Kombucha writes: "I just moved my music collection off of two internal hard drives, a 20 gig and a 60 gig, onto my much larger external drive. And now I have two utterly empty internals just itching for some action, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get their motor spinning, if you know what I mean. My first thought was to dual-boot a Linux distro or two (with my current XP setup) but I've had some rather negative experiences on that end, what with my Wacom tablet and my ZyXEL card and my Radeon 9000. So I think I want to go a different route this time, but really, I don't know where to turn. Anyone have any creative, nerdy, semi-pointless uses for these babies? I can't run OS X... but I'm up for just about anything. Thanks!"

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 Alpha Peeking Out (Or Not) 216 216

anadgouda writes "Mozilla Firefox 2.0 alpha is released. The links for download were not available directly on website. Being Alpha, all features might not work and most of the plugins might not be compatible." Reading thru the comments, it appears there's some disparity as to whether or not this is actually just a naming scheme that they use; but let me reiterate that there has been no official announcement from Mozilla, so take with a giant grain of salt. Some good screenshots at OSdir.

Journal Journal: Fie On You, Infernal Spyware!

I just spent most of the afternoon dealing with a spyware "infection" on a coworker's home PC. Ironically, this particular program claimed to be "antimalware". The only malware on this guy's PC was this very program, which continuously popped up an annoying balloon warning how his PC is infected with malware. Well duh. Malware pretending to be "antimalware". How clever. Well, I guess this ruse w

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