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Comment: Re:One misused word spoils the whole discussion. (Score 2) 282

by xclr8r (#46816615) Attached to: In the US, Rich Now Work Longer Hours Than the Poor
A lot of people (in the U.S.) in middle class are classified as exempt (from overtime) as they are in management. There are FSLA rules that regulate the hours exempts work but since they are management they are project driven and no one who wants to climb the ladder is going to report working extra hours all the time.

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You can be self aware and still be uncharismatic. I am so self aware that I am uncharismatic by bringing up every fault or error that someone might perceive. I know I'm doing it - I can perceive that it's tiresome for some but in my mind I don't want to be the "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" guy.

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doubt you could tell much difference between Canadian and U.S. sports bars, save for the number of hockey sticks.

Nope even California has a hockey team; and with the amount of cross-boarder partying, the differing accents wouldn't help much either.

3 NHL teams that I recall - Sharks, Ducks, Kings

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