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Comment Re:Yeah, but that just means... (Score 1) 141

Just basic literacy will help a lot. Most conflicts in the world involve illiterate soldiers on one or both sides. Modern war is very expensive, and very destructive. War almost never makes economic sense. Most countries have market economies, so if your neighbor has resources that you want, you don't need to take it by force, you can just buy it.

Bad for you, worse for the other guy. Don't underestimate how much the stronger player can abuse their position until they go one step too far.

Comment Re:it's a shame hardware hasn't caught up (Score 1) 210

Hardware requires development environments, software simulators, FPGA units, tape-out, ASIC manufacturing, prototype hardware, firmware, custom firmware compilers, device drivers, official vendor approval and testing (Microsoft, Google, Apple), technical documentation and distribution.

Software requires a development environment, official vendor approval and testing (Microsoft, Google, Apple), technical documentation and distribution.

Comment Why not both? (Score 1) 255

Look what you want in a self build system and then look if you can buy anything like it. If not, you build it.

That said, I always build because I like doing it. But then I only upgrade and not buy a new machine. So to me that means:
New Mobo, CPU and memory if I need a new machine. And when I need a new videocard, I just add that.
I have 3 videocards, 4 monitors, so I do not have a standard setup that I can just buy and I only run Linux. can be a nice place to start.

Advantage of pre-build and running Windows is that the PCs are full of shareware who pay for your Licence. Companies get money to put their crap on your PC.

And to be honest, instead of dualboot, I would go with two systems, unless thye both need to be gaming systems.

Comment The middle ground (Score 1) 255

Some of the component shops around here have PC-builders, basically you pick (from their approved selection) case, psu, mobo, cpu, ram, graphics card(s), disks etc. and they'll assemble and test it for you. If you want to start fresh and not use any parts from your existing setup that's a quite practical way to getting the parts you want without fiddling with screws and cables and DOA components (well unless they fail during shipping). Personally I rarely start over from scratch though, it's rare that everything is so outdated it's best to start over.

Comment Re:This isn't hard folks (Score 3, Insightful) 67

TFA explicitly points out that the civilians will not be pulling the trigger. They will be used only for Combat Air Patrols (a term that seems just a bit inappropriate) that are for data gathering and surveillance only. The trigger pullers will be active duty military.

The problem, in TFA's eyes is that this represents a slippery slope - how many degrees of separation do you need in a military setting?

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 2) 284

Renewables are winning against everything on economic grounds... as long as they're *massively* subsidized, yes. And as long as they're backed up with non-renewables that can pick up the slack when renewables can't supply the energy needed from them, which is constantly. But otherwise they're great, yeah.

Right. And nuclear isn't subsidized?

Comment Re:What scares me here (Score 1) 36

Some videos had network based DRM (RealPlayer?) What happens when the server goes away? It's impossible to play the video. The server has gone along with the decryption keys. It's no different from those ironworks companies that make cast iron drain covers and put their web address on top. 10 years later, they are bought out and change their name, and drop the domain name.

Many people are unenthusiastic about their work.