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Comment Re:I'm Not Convinced (Score 1) 292

It's not at all clear from the story that JP Morgan's patent copies Bitcoin. The patent says nothing about the transactions being stored to a Distributed P2P Network. Paying bills anonymously with zero transaction fees and competing with Western Union are hardly the areas in which Bitcoin distinguishes itself from other EFT systems.

And BitCoin is not anonymous. I don't think this is directed at BitCoin or more than slightly related. I think that the BitCoin-mania has distorted someones perception.

Comment You guys are forgetful (Score 1) 158


"According to research by Cormac Herley at Microsoft, scammers are looking for the most gullible people, and their crazy emails can help weed out people who are savvy enough to know better. "

Everyone above this line was either troll or trolled except "tsu doh nimh" which I'm pretty sure is this vietnamese gentleman's real name.

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