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by xaotikdesigns (#43011945) Attached to: Is the Wii U Already Dead?
The average consumer is going to go to a big box store to get a computer and not build one themselves. They are going to have to pay a premium for a gaming PC that will be able to handle next several years worth of games. You can get a console for just a couple hundred dollars, and it will play all the games for that console with no difficulty, only maybe requiring a new peripheral device to be attached. Consoles are not going away.

The reason that the Wii U isn't selling as good is the same reason that the Wii sold a crapload. The ones buying the Wii weren't the hardcore gamers that wanted the latest and greatest. They didn't care about next gen graphics, they didn't need octo core GPUs with terabits of RAM. They weren't the guys shouting racial slurs at each other in deathmatches. They were people who never gamed before. They were sorority sisters and grandparents. They were people looking for something a little more than farmville. They were people that just wanted something to have fun with. They wanted Mario Party, not Halo.

The problem now, is that these people don't see any reason to buy another console when the one they have now works just fine. Like I said, they aren't technophiles that need the latest console. Nintendo's market is full of people that won't buy a Wii U until their Wii breaks down, and even then, they'll probably just get another Wii since it's half the price of the new console.

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No, that's the problem with Wizards of the Coast. They made everything completely different, both with the worlds and the rules, with each new version.

Palladium updates the rules that need updating, and advances the story with each new version. This means that I can still play with all the books I currently have. I can buy the new ones since the new Rifts core rules has new classes, new equipment, updated looks for old equipment, and has setting information to bring it up to date with all the other modules.

Not to mention all the other books that they've released for every other country and different dimensions.

Wizards expects you to buy everything new because they said so. Palladium expects you to buy new products because they have improved upon the old while allowing you to use all your old books as well.

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They didn't steal anything. Piazo gave plenty of warning that they were not able to continue to offer any of the old D&D products, and that you would have to download anything you had purchased. He wasn't storing them in "the could" he was just banking on being able to download them whenever he wanted.

I too purchased may pdfs from Piazo, and guess what, I still have them all, because I saved them to my hard drive when they told me to do so.

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Muzzle loading rifles and pistols of any caliber actually aren't even considered firearms by the BATFE, so you can own, buy and sell these weapons however you like.

Cannons only become a problem if you try to fire explosive rounds from them, since the explosive round itself is considered a destructive device under the NFA

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An RPG is considered a "Destructive Device" under the National FIrearms Act. It is legal to own as long as the city and county you live in does not have regulations against explosives (This, is why most people think they are illegal. They aren't, you just generally aren't allowed to have explosives, whether they are weapons, fireworks, or mining equipment, in most residential neighborhoods), you pass the background checks, pay the tax, and the BATFE approves it.

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The kid is just being a dick. It's not against their religion.

If they are so worried about the religious aspects, then they should be wary of having it tattooed on their hand or forehead, as it is stated in teh bible. If any ID card is a problem, then they better not have Driver's Licenses or state issued ID cards. They better cut up their credit cards, since they are closer to what is stated in Revelations, being numbers needed for commerce. Likewise, I hope they have all found a way to get rid of their social security numbers.

I guess it is possible that the barcode based on the student's SSN may have a 666 in it, and if that is the case, then they should easily be able to change it, and then no more problem, they can wear the badge.

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Well, I did have that job as a unicorn rancher a while ago, and that was pretty awesome. I could do what ever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I mean, half the job was nap time, and then like, the rest was video games. Unicorns practically ranch themselves.

But otherwise, yeah, all other jobs have had places where I do my work, whether it be in my office, my cube, my section of the garage, or whatever. Likewise, I have had schedules. Work starts at this time, this job needs done first, this customer needs assistance.

but you're right, I do long for the days as a unicorn rancher, and may again return to those magical nights...

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At school, you have to sit in a specific seat in a specific room, during specific times. You are told when to eat, and have to ask if you can use the bathroom. It's not happy freedom time. They aren't required to wear it outside of school, it's only for use inside the school building.

Every job I've had since graduation in '99 has come with the requirement of an RFID tag either as a key fob or in my ID. I wore it with no question because otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to open any doors.

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You can memorize the multiplication tables up to 10*10, but if you don't understand why 10*10=100, you probably won't be able to do 15*34 or any higher numbers.

You can memorize a few words so you can fill out a resume, but unless you know how to read, the you'll never be able to enjoy a good book.

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