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by x_t0ken_407 (#47308525) Attached to: Opera Releases a New Version For Linux

This x10000! God I wish they'd just release it to the community who loves and cherishes it. It was such a slap in the face to the long-time users when they ended Presto development. Not that they have a responsibility to making us happy, but fuck I miss my browser. I keep pissing myself off when I use Opera 12, because I know it's not going to continue being updated and only a matter of time before it's obsolete. So I change to FF, which eventually came with their interface "upgrade' which looks exactly like chrome, at which point I decided, "hey, might as well just use Chromium!" -- and thus, here I am posting this from Chromium. Alas, without some hacking (more than I care to do at the moment), I can't even try this "long-awaited" dev release outside of a VM since they've only made a .deb package.

Excuse my rant.

Comment: Re:15GB free, 1TB $80 (Score 1) 99

I have a "server" machine on my home network, with some big hard drives (inexpensive today). It is set up so on local network I can simply access the drives as though they were in my work machine, other than network latency of course. When away from home, I can use SSH and SFTP. (In fact I use SSH forwarding so I can access both the server and my regular work machine.)

Likewise. About 28TB of storage (about 16TB once the RAID overhead & hot standby is accounted for). It's all backed up a couple of times per week onto external USB drives as well.

Likewise, though I'm closer to 3-4TB on a Freebsd+ZFS box.

Very simple. Easy to set up. Probably more secure than Microsoft anything. And no third parties involved.

I don't need "streaming" anything. I don't need DLNA or other kinds of streaming services. If I am away from home, I just download the file and view or play it locally. Disadvantage: that can take a while. Advantage: no blips or burps or freezes in my media, because IT'S LOCAL, not streaming.

I can also sync folders, if I want, via BitTorrent Sync. Again, no third party involved.

We use DLNA streaming locally. Not over the net. Like you, I can copy stuff whenever I want to my device over a VPN, and view it locally.

Exactly, me too. Mediatomb+PS3 ftw here.

So, really: I don't need "cloud services". They offer me nothing I don't already do myself, and they add unreliability, privacy risks, and so many other things I really don't need to dick around with.

I would also like to find an NAS that doesn't have all those fancy bells and whistles, and doesn't make me pay for them. I just want it to "look like" a local drive on my home network. That is all. I will take care of the rest.

Have you tried the Synology boxes? They're not the cheapest, but we have three of them at home.

Interesting, I'll take a look into these.

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by x_t0ken_407 (#46901103) Attached to: Firefox 29: Redesign

I assume you're saying this because of the horror of the KDE3 -> KDE4 debacle. Since you're obviously not aware of the reasons things happen the way they did, allow me to inform you that the move to "KDE 5.0" will in no way be the same huge jump (i.e., complete rewrite). I'll leave it up to you to do your own research, v.s. nitpicking what's wrong about the FUD you just spewed.

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by x_t0ken_407 (#46870881) Attached to: After a Long wait, GNU Screen Gets Refreshed

Agreed 100%. Learned of tmux and how much more bad ass it was than screen back around 2010, never looked back. For a few years now I've used a highly-customized .tmux.conf file that mimics screen's "ctrl-a" behavior, among other things, so that I don't lose a step when I absolutely MUST use screen (e.g., at work where more people are familiar with it than tmux). Pretty much all my work (and leisure) activity is done via tmux these days, saves me lot's of time when trying to remember something I did or setting up an environment in a more productive way. Always pains me when I finally have to close out a session for a reboot or something.

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by x_t0ken_407 (#46684967) Attached to: Ends Free Dynamic DNS

It was really just my US Robotics DSL modem telling me it wanted to be set on fire and then smashed into small pieces.


In my case, I've been using them for the better part of the past 5 others, I knew the writing was on the wall when they started that login crap. I've in fact only used them sparingly in any case, as some time ago I just began using a domain name I'd purchased and my own DNS server. Not surprised they're finally taking the free offering away.

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by x_t0ken_407 (#46662293) Attached to: Linus Torvalds Suspends Key Linux Developer

Admittedly I've not read nearly enough into the "blow-ups" to even have a valid opinion on this. Let's see, there's this one, and then there's the one where he was accused of being a misogynistic ass, then there's the "fuck you nvidia" one. Yeah, I tend to agree with you...everyone I've read into I completely agree with him on.

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