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Comment No surprise (Score 1) 167

It was a sinking ship before I ever started using Linux -- Mandriva 2009 was my first ever distro, and it made me fall in love with Linux. But the writing was on the wall for that company, well documented in the forums I used to frequent back in the day. These days (and since roughly 2010) I'm an Arch Linux user, so I never got on the wagon to Mageia, but back then I so desperately was ready to take on a huge role with the community-based distro that we always talked about.

Comment Re:Impressive... and improbable. (Score 1) 74

Weird...really odd. I had the exact opposite experience. Arch has been super stable for me when Fedora was garbage, Manjaro and Antergos wouldn't install and Ubuntu was too resource heavy. Glad you found something that works for you though.

Exactly, I've had a similar experience, on more than a couple different laptops. My current laptop is about a year in...never have I had Arch itself take a dump on me. Stupid stuff I did caused issues, but not because of a simple update...odd that OP's comment was up-voted so much.

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