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Comment Bullshit. (Score 1) 419

This post is complete bullshit and ignores all the complications that come with nuclear power. First, the materials needed are expensive and procedures handling them are complex. Second, the payload would be significantly heavier, costing millions extra to lift it off Earth. Third, the mission was never intended to be long-term, so why stick a nuclear device on it?

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 225

Well, in theory, any story would get flagged false. Religious stories get flagged false by atheists, atheist stories get flagged false by religious people, science-debunked stories get flagged false by science-savvy people, science stories get flagged false by religious people, etc.

The only thing remaining may be about cats and dogs. I get my news somewhere else anyway ;-)

Comment Re:Look what those assholes did to gedit. (Score 1) 488

Is there an alternative to gedit?

I liked gedit because it's simple and has themes, so you can change the background and syntax highlighting (I want a dark background.) Fortunately at work I still have gedit 3.4.2, but one day at home after an upgrade gedit's UI became horrible. Hell, even Control-N was fucked up. I don't want a new file in a new window, I want a new file in a new tab, dammit!

Comment Re:TV vs Film (Score 1) 187

I've watched the first 16 episodes or so of season 1 of Arrow on Netflix. It may have been renewed twice and has good ratings, but I find the series subpar.

Most of the show consist of horrible dialogues and close-ups of Stephen Amell's muscles.

The only time I can bear watching that show is when Willa Holland (eyecandy) or John Barrowman (a real actor) are on-screen.

Comment Re:News at 11. (Score 2) 282

You don't have to buy an "OV-chipkaart" (public transport chip card) to get anywhere by train. If you use the train only incidentally, you can buy a paper ticket with a chip on it. You have to check in and out with it, but for the rest it's the same limited functionality.

The chipcard has been met with criticism since its inception, though. Aside from the usual privacy concerns, it's poorly implemented. You have to check in and out between different transport companies, for example. And of course the companies rake in the money because the tariffs are, in practice, higher than the traditional way. And a lot of people forget to check out, so they pay the full deposit (20 euro for the train) because the companies make it hard to get the money back.

I'm looking forward to using my ATM card with a NFC chip on it for train travel. That way I don't have to top up or have unused, unreachable money on my card. It's not very anonymous, but the current anonymous card isn't 100% anon either if you top it up with an ATM card or credit card, anyway.

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