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Comment: Re:I find this hard to believe (Score 2) 105

I just checked on my phone with the raw data from the sensors. If i put if flat on a table, they stay still, but just holding it it can detect the small changes of me just not being able to hold it perfectly still. It will even register if I leave one side on a table and raise the other side by about 1mm. I think the rotation thing is more smoothed out in software to prevent it changing too often.

Comment: Re:We need more sports like this (Score 2) 49

by x1r8a3k (#39774451) Attached to: Robots Go Wild at the Robotics Competition (Video)
I was part of a group that tried to get a team started at my high school. We got about $150 from the school if I remember right. Current registration costs are $6500, plus the cost of spare parts, transport, tools, etc.

Raising that much money isn't really feasible for high schoolers without getting a corporate sponsor.

We wound up spending the few hundred we managed to get on a parts kit and built a bot in one of our parent's basement. It could have been fairly competitive, but we couldn't get to enter because of the huge fees. I'd love to know where all that money goes to.

Comment: Re:Parking Garages? (Score 1) 164

by x1r8a3k (#39526563) Attached to: VISA, MasterCard Warn of 'Massive' Breach At Credit Card Processor
Those sorts of devices are actually pretty common, and vary from obvious boxes that clip on the bottom of the existing readers to an entire fake fascia for ATMs.
They come back, get the device/SD card/data wirelessly. And makes a clone of the card from a blank.

Krebs has a whole section on it.

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