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Submission Is it still a submarine if it can't surface->

x0 writes: Naval engineers at the State owned Navantia shipyards have apparently forgotten the buoyancy calculations required when designing a submersible:

Spanish engineers, who already spent some $680 million on designing the new generation S-80 class submarine, say it is a major “technical innovation.” There is just one problem the calculations show – if submerged into water, it may never come up again.

Apparently, 100 tons of excess mass do matter... if you want your submarine to have the ability to re-surface.
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Submission Man builds fully functional 'Tumbler' Batmobile 1

x0 writes: Bob Dullam built a fully functional, full-scale, current generation Batmobile 'Tumbler' in his own garage:

More information is also available at Jalopnik:

Submission US Secretary of Defense Reopens Tanker Bidding

x0 writes: The New York Times reports:
"The decision comes in the wake of a report by the Government Accountability Office that found flaws in the process that initially awarded the contract to a partnership of Northrop Grumman and the European parent of Airbus over a competing bid by Boeing, which filed a protest."
The original award for the $35B to $100B contract to Northrop-EADS is being considered so flawed and mis-managed that the contact will be handled by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Boeing protested the award as soon as the original contract was awarded, and the GAO backed that protest.

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