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Comment: rdns is not a good solution (Score 1) 301

by wysiwig3 (#37704088) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Reverse DNS a Worthy Standard For Fighting Spam?
I've had this same fight with multiple vendors and organizations over the years. Like many others, rDNS should be implement properly. It's just the way to keep a clean house. However, the RFC doesn't require rDNS validation checking, and do to so break mail delivery for many, many legitimate services. Spammers will (actually, have--this idea is old) found new avenues of attack. Reputation scoring, token analysis, and other statistical measures are a far better set of solutions to work with. You can go on the cheap with some sendmail RBL and dspam type solutions all the way up to what I consider best in class right now--Ironport. A Microsoft shop would probably like FOPE--it integrates well and does a damn nice job of proper spam filtering too. The larger MS shops with EA agreements can roll than into the package for decent pricing.

Comment: Eaton is excellent (Score 2, Interesting) 260

by wysiwig3 (#31129100) Attached to: UPS Setup For a Small/Mid-Size Company?
I moved away from monster APC & Leibert units a bit over a year ago, and I'm so glad. I encourage you to look at the Powerware BladeUPS units. Each provides 12kW capacity, with internal batteries and the ability to string two additional external battery modules (EBMs) for increased time. In addition, the unit is stackable up to 6 high in a cabinet yielding 60kW (in an N+1) configuration. You can grow it as you need it. Nice Web/SNMP card that can be added for all the info you could want. With the N+1 config, you can shut down any single unit for removal, repair, or battery swaps. These things are so much less hassle than my old equipment that I won't be looking elsewhere for a while.

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