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Journal Journal: slashdot redesign

So slashdot went live with their new design yesterday, and it, while nice in some ways, has some serious issues, which I will attempt to outline here:

  1. Crashes Opera 9: I don't know about previous versions, but after using the site for a few minutes in Opera 9 it crashes consistently. Very annoying.
  2. Read link to the far right: I browse at 1600x1200, and this is painful, as it requires me to look to the far right (besides having to relearn; why change something if there's no need?)
  3. Comments aren't indented enough: it's very difficult to figure out hierchy with the minimal indentation
  4. Comment scores should not be on the far right: I like to scroll down looking at comment scores as well as titles, and this makes it impossible. One of the larger issues.

While there are some others, those make reading slashdot much more difficult than it was previously (but who knows; maybe I'll get some work done now.)

panic: kernel trap (ignored)