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+ - Chimps More Evolved Than Humans

Submitted by canipeal
canipeal (1063334) writes ""Since the human-chimp split about 6 million years ago, chimpanzee genes can be said to have evolved more than human genes, a new study suggests. The results, detailed online this week in the Proceedings of the large brains, cognitive abilities and bi-pedalism." -One can conclude with a reasonable degree of certainty that the study consisted of DNA samples taken from Midwestern and Southern states."

+ - Google Docs and Spreadsheets Expanding

Submitted by
dhinckley writes "Google announced today that they will indeed be adding Presentation software to their Docs and Spreadsheets package. With the announcement they revealed that they have purchased Tonic Systems to help them with the new Presentation software and hope to have it ready by sometime this summer. Google's office package is starting to look a bit more comparable to Microsoft Office."

+ - Prior art on Verizon patents

Submitted by greenbird
greenbird (859670) writes "Techdirt has information from Daniel Berninger documenting prior art in the Verizon patents being used to destroy Vonage. So a successful company and possible an entire market may be undermined or destroyed by blatantly invalid patents. From the article:

"In particular, the claims in both patents were anticipated by open standards assembled by the VoIP Forum (H.323) in 1996 and published in January 1997 with the participation of members from Cisco Systems, Microsoft, IBM, Nortel, Intel, Motorola, Lucent, and Vocaltec Communications, among others."


"The Eric Voit patent applications reflect, in particular, contributions made by VocalTec Communication to the VoIP Forum during 1996 and formally published at the same time as a separate document.""

+ - How Microsoft could crush Google in one easy step.

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes " oft-could-crush-google-in-one.html

It's interesting, but I think there's a much easier and faster method that Microsoft could use to more effectively "kill" Google tomorrow if they so chose.

It's more than a little bit evil — - but on the other hand, I never heard Microsoft promise that they wouldn't be.

So what is it?

The height of simplicity. Introduce an integrated ad-blocker to Windows (purely as a customer service, of course) that blocks all Google ads in both IE and Firefox."

Did Apple junket inspire "no iPod left behind" initiative?->

From feed by engfeed

Filed under: Portable Audio

Michigan's much-derided initiative to give iPods to every student in the state just seems to be getting curiouser and curiouser, with word now coming out that some of the lawmakers involved in the proposal went on a junket to California that was paid for at least in part by Apple. As The Detroit Free Press reports, both Representative Matt Gillard and House Speaker Andy Dillon took part in the 2 1/2 day trip earlier this year, where they apparently discussed classroom technology and the educational benefits of iPods, sneaking in some time to discuss wine distribution and business taxes as well. While it's not clear exactly how much of an influence the junket had on their decision, it certainly doesn't seem to have hurt things, with Dillon unveiling the $36-million iPod proposal not long after he returned.

[Via The Inquirer, photo courtesy of Anti iPod]

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+ - Google Earth highlights Darfur

Submitted by jc42
jc42 (318812) writes "NPR, PCworld, and some 400 other news sources (according to Google News) are reporting on a new Google feature: Google Earth, in cooperation with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum now presents details of the growing disaster in Darfur. They give a virtual tour of the area, with details of events in many villages in the words of local residents. So in addition to their "Do no evil" motto, they apparently now have a policy of exposing evil. Needless to say, the Sudan government didn't exactly cooperate with this project."
PC Games (Games)

+ - 9th Annual Independent Games Festival Winners

Submitted by
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard writes "Held on the 7th of March at this year's GDC, the 9th annual Independent Games Festival (fondly referred to as the Sundance of the games industry) has seen its acclaim reach the highest levels to date, and helped to promote a wealth of indie gaming delights. Gameworld Network was on hand to report from the festival, and has a nice three-page summary of the winners, along with some YouTubed gameplay videos to show the winning titles in action! From the article:

"Pocketing a tooth-achingly sweet $20,000 for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize, the Bit Blot duo of Derek Yu and Alec Holowka (who attained a respectable level of infamy after their previous work on the hilarious, hyper-violent parody game, I'm O.K.) have caused nothing short of a sensation with their underwater, illusory adventure, Aquaria. Taking on the role of Naija, an isolated mercreature, players explore a hand drawn fantasy world teeming with surreal life in a uniquely fluid, mouse controlled, non-linear gaming experience.""

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