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+ - Burger-Flipping Robot That Could Put Fast-Food Workers Out Of A Job->

Submitted by wyattstorch516
wyattstorch516 (2624273) writes "In light of the recent wage protests by fast food workers, it may be interesting to examine how labor saving technology may become more prevalent. Basic economics asserts that in order to have significant wage increases, significant productivity increases must accompany them (discounting inflation). This often has the side effect of eliminating jobs."
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+ - Is Too Much Computer Time Killing Kids' Ability to Learn?

Submitted by Rambo Tribble
Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "A teacher's union in Northern Ireland is asserting that children spending too much time on computers are impairing their ability to learn. The asserted excessive computer use is being blamed for an inability to concentrate or socialize. As one teacher puts it, '... these gadgets are really destroying their ability to learn.' One question no one seems to be asking is whether the kids showing these symptoms are getting enough sleep."

Comment: Re:Not really needed anymore. (Score 1) 410

Simple answer, you need to level the playing ground between kids that have strong parental involvement and those that do not. Why doesn't the government just rip all kids away from their parents and put them into state-run orphanages.

That would be fair.

Comment: Re:Not sure how I feel about this one (Score 2) 342

by wyattstorch516 (#46825477) Attached to: Aereo To SCOTUS: Shut Us Down and You Shut Down Cloud Storage

If the broadcasters that transmit over the public airways want to cease using these airways then fine let them do that. The government can then take the airways back and auction them off for other uses. The whole concept of over the air broadcast television is rather outdated anyway.

Comment: Re:It's not arrogant, it's correct. (Score 1) 466

Why should they charge the user more? If I download an equivalent amount of data from various sources around the Internet that don't overload the ISP am I going to get charged more? The ISP last mile network is what end users pay for, that is not where the congestion is here. If Netflix is having problems they should be complaining to their ISP not mine. If they can't get the QOS they need then they need to find a new provider.

Comment: Re:What does this even mean? (Score 1) 150

Its really nothing special about the hardware. The Apple box would have a built-in cable modem that would operate at a different frequency than the regular cable modems. This would require Comcast to install additional switches to handle these devices along with more personnel to mange them. That money would presumably come from Apple.

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