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Comment Bootcamp effect? (Score 1) 182

Could the rising unemployment rate for web developers be a result of the hundred or more boot camps churning out new candidates. I know most of them are able to place a high percentage of graduates in jobs but what happens if they get a job and then can't cut it. If they are deemed unqualified after a couple of months? What do they do then? It would be interesting if somebody could follow these people over a number of years to see how many stick in the industry.

Comment Re:Also the Solution to the Last Mile Problem? (Score 1) 164

Your solution is not workable. There is not enough bandwidth for more than two providers on the network. A typical cable coax network brings ~5-6 Gbps to the house. Broadcast TV requires dedicated bandwidth, if you allowed two providers on the link most of the bandwidth would have to be allotted to them. Who decides how this bandwidth is parceled out and by what criteria?

Does the city charge a fee to the companies that hook up at the concentration point? What about Netflix? They don't believe they should have to pay anything for bandwidth to the customers. Do they get to ride for free?

The problem with setting it up this way is that some applications have are sensitive to delay while others are not. If you follow net neutrality principles then delay sensitive services like video are not going to function well in times of peak demand.

Comment Re:Already propagating (Score 2) 663

You're going to have to find a better source than Men't Health. The people who constantly run stories about how anybody can get "ripped abs" in a month lack credibility with me. I think you can make a better argument that reading Men's Health with its fad diets and exercise regiments is worse for your health than drinking soda.

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