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Comment Re: Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

When I read about his Liberty U speech, aside from him using profanity twice at a "religious" university for which students would be fined, which I find absolutely hilarious, was that he included Microsoft in the statement. I might be mistaken because I can't find a quote or the article that I read. But Microsoft doesn't make computers if you exclude the XBox.

He also called Second Corinthians "Two Corinthians", which I also found funny. I'm not religious, still, a person who had an actual religious practice should not have made that mistake.

I agree that the tax code should be reformed to bring manufacturing back to the USA, but doing it by decree is not the way to do it. I am curious how many of the RNC candidates realize that they're not being elected Dictator, but President, and they theoretically have to work with the other two branches of government.

Comment Re:They want us to make it easier for them? (Score 2) 148

I've always wanted to create 'red alert'/honeypot account names and passwords that I could put on sticky notes and any use of those would immediately disconnect the system in question from the network, shut it down, and trip security alarms. I'd frequently put such on the bottom of server console keyboards just to screw with people who bothered to look.

Comment Re:They want us to make it easier for them? (Score 2) 148

As ubiquitous as smartphones are, especially in IT staff, I'd like to see a proximity tie. You walk in to your office, you sit down at your computer, the computer has already identified your phone and is waiting for a password that can be simple since your phone must be proximate -- it does not fully unlock until you do something at the keyboard. Maybe have a certificate exchange, or in the case of later model iPhones, add a fingerprint swipe. (Yes, I saw the Myth Busters on spoofing fingerprint scanners). Require an additional, stronger, password for out-of-normal-hours access.

I'm not sure what to do about a lost/stolen phone or how to prevent sniffing and spoofing (snoopfing?), but I think it has the potential to be a beginning.

I'd LOVE to see a crypto tie-in for laptops where I have to enter a code in my phone to open my laptop, though it could be a huge problem if your phone died or were lost while you were on the road.

Comment Re:Too similar (Score 1) 148

1st change: prefix & suffix & number

2nd change: number++ & suffix & prefix. Vary as needed. Nothing written down.

I've been doing this successfully for ages. Easy to remember, produces reasonably high entropy passwords. But as has been pointed out, everything depends on how robust a system is that's storing it on the other side.

Comment Re:Bullshit ... (Score 0) 130

"Change is certain, progress is not." Then again, I was called "a progressive" by a conservative idiot who had problems understanding that things can't stay the same, and if you don't move forward, you're going to fall backwards. You can't stay in the same place for very long.

I'd like to think that Bernie has a chance at getting elected, I'll be happy if he succeeds in altering the discussion. But since he's a socialist, just like Obama (according to "well informed" friends), I don't think he stands a chance.

Comment Re: Isn't this thing already deployed? (Score 2) 502

Except if they reopen A-10 production lines (stopped production in '84), the output will do Mach 3, cost more than the F-35, and won't be able to loiter. It'll also lose the armored bathtub for the pilot.

I'm really curious what the F-35 will look like in 30 years, I'd love to see acres of them sitting and rotting in the sun at Davis-Monthan.

Comment Re:Not Outperformed At All (Score 1) 732

My understanding is that the primary contractor tried to put a subcontractor in every congressional district. Perhaps it was only in the districts in large swing states. Anyway, to shut down the program you'd cause a major congressional panic and it just couldn't be done.

While I think the F-35 is largely a waste of money, I have to admire the pure evil ingenuity of distributing subcontractors like that to minimize the chance of the program being canceled.

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