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Comment: Re:Personally... (Score 1) 328

by wunchaliketano (#30225096) Attached to: Brain Scans Used In Murder Sentencing

Wow. I don't actually want to see them die. I can tell you that if the bastard had murdered my son or my niece, I don't really care if he can paint like Rembrandt or write like Shakespeare, they had better get to him before I do.

If you think that someone like that still has something to contribute to society, he better make it quick. I'm all for the death penalty, and if it's taking to long... I'm sure (even if the prick was in prison) I could find a way to speed it up.

Keep your hundred cold-blooded killers alive (and writing, and painting) until it hits you personally, then your tune will change.

Comment: Re:Professional services cost money (Score 1) 268

by wunchaliketano (#27102375) Attached to: Symantec Support Gone Rogue?

Slow Down...

Look at the chat session:
"before we proceed, I would like to inform you that this is a paid consultation service."

"Your Joking right? I bought your product to fix my computer."

Read the lines before that:

tech says basically I need to access your computer remotely, "and do all this for you directly. Would you like me to go ahead??"

"Yes Please"

"I thought you were the expert consultant. O well!"

After this comment, this person is not getting anything free from me. Paid product or not.

I don't do tech support, but the only thing this mofo would get from me is a free taping of his next root canal.

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