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Comment: V2V (Score 1) 149 149

by wstrucke (#44797989) Attached to: Cadillac SRX Converted Into Self-Driving Car
I wonder what the V2V communication is about. I expect that in an ideal world other automated vehicles could communicate obstacles, road condition, and velocity data to one another, but this seems ripe for abuse or exploitation. In a worst-case scenario, someone could use that to either completely stop traffic or to cause an accident.

Comment: Re:communications system? (Score 1) 149 149

by wstrucke (#44797957) Attached to: Cadillac SRX Converted Into Self-Driving Car
Are you saying that if you were behind the wheel in a self-driving car and it ran a red light, you wouldn't be the first one to sue the auto maker (assuming you survived)? I don't see any way that the auto-maker wins in a court case in that scenario, unless there are laws that explicitly say you have to drive the car and the manufacturer has no-fault protection. If the latter is the case, then what's the point? Am I going to let the machine do the work if I'm solely responsible for when it screws up?

I imagine a traffic utopia where cars drive themselves, no one causes accidents or jams during merging and everyone goes a safe speed during inclement weather. I'm just not sure how we get there with our current legal system. Even if these things are as safe as humanly possible, there will still be some type of failure or accident.

Comment: Re:Third party candidates have the benefit ... (Score 1) 257 257

Who wants to live in a world where your elected leaders only speak to what the majority wants to hear? The greatest figures in history are those who went against the grain and did what was right for the time, the people, and the nation.

Comment: Re:Fine but not quite the same ... (Score 1) 257 257

The exclusion of third party candidates and various other points do not need to be brought up in every post do they?

I don't know... but I think there's something to be said for the system being fundamentally broken and not losing sight of that.

Comment: Re:Third party candidates have the benefit ... (Score 2, Insightful) 257 257

They won't because the system is rigged against them. It's a catch-22 - - they can not get enough votes to make the average person think they should be included and since they aren't included or given any coverage throughout the political season they can't get any votes.

Comment: Re:Duh? (Score 1) 327 327

Honestly, I could go on about how much money and effort is really involved in supporting what is currently being advertised and sold to customers as "unlimited", but at the end of the day this is about false advertising. If you sell "unlimited" without any caveats and then renege without consideration for your customers you should be sued.

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