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Comment: What we really need (Score 1) 236

by wringles (#48063143) Attached to: NASA Eyes Crew Deep Sleep Option For Mars Mission
is an Orion type spaceship. Not the lame Orion capsule that has been in design for the last years; what would really answer the problems of solar system exploration would be a fleet of honest to god atomic explosion powered spaceships. It would cut down travel time to a fraction of current estimates, cargo weight would become much less of a problem, hell you could even bring back those astronauts from Mars when the mission is done.

Comment: Re:Birthing centers already do this (Score 1) 139

by wringles (#32355194) Attached to: Cutting Umbilical Cord Early Eliminates Stem Cells

Of course you should take informed decisions. Just remember that not every Ob-Gyn is trying to gouge you. Also, that not every "alternative practitioner" has your best interests in mind. Remember also that if you're unlucky, the "dead baby card" is a real dead infant on your lap.

Ob-gyn's in the United States, but also in other parts of the world, certainly have reason to be extra careful and conservative in their decisions, as they have some of the highest rates of malpractice litigation in the medical profession.

Comment: Re:Keeping stem cells (Score 1) 139

by wringles (#32354978) Attached to: Cutting Umbilical Cord Early Eliminates Stem Cells

The thing about stem cell harvesting is that the chance that your child will actually need its own cells later on is rather small. Actually around 1 in 20000 small. A public stem cell bank is much more useful for everybody. It benefits children who were born too early to have their cells harvested. It may even benefit the old geezers lurking here in slashdot.

Of course, there's a lot of money being made in keeping private stem cell banks working, so there's little hope of convincing people otherwise.

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