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Comment Re:4G LTE antenna optioins (Score 1) 135

We actually found quite a bit of traffic on on our site this morning because someone had linked to it a couple of times from this blog and we had numerous calls into our facility this morning asking about antenna specs and design so I thought it would be best to go on here and answer some of the common questions we have run into. I'd be happy to answer any questions on here if its easier for anyone otherwise they can feel free to contact us directly so I don't put more links on this site.

Comment Re:RF connector on the phone might be an issue. (Score 1) 135

In some cases this is correct. We have many adapters listed on our site that are listed as having weak ports and the customer needs to click that they have read the warning before purchasing the adapter. One example of this is the Motorola V3 Razr. This phone had a very weak port and often times would stay in the "connected setting" even after taking out the adapter. This is not the case with most phones aircards however. Currently there are a few different phones that have this "weak" port and no aircards that are current but again any that do have a weak port we have listed with the warning so you would be able to find this out in advance. Keep in mind also an RF port is not as strong as say a power connection or headset connection so care is needed when disconnecting/connecting the adapter cable or you can have the problem you described above

Comment Re:So now you've built an antenna... (Score 1) 135

Hi this is Mike from wpsantennas.com. There are 2 key parts to the antenna setup. 1. The antenna itself of which there are many options which I would be happy to discuss (every situation is different based on tower location, wireless carrier etc) and 2. The antenna adapter cable http://www.wpsantennas.com/antenna-adapter-cables.aspx. Most aircards/mifi's have a small rf port that is designed to connect an external antenna to. There are numerous different adapter cables and they are device specific. Unfortunately most phones do not have antenna ports (some do but very few). For phones without ports there are 2 options a passive adapter http://www.wpsantennas.com/359914-passiveantennaadapter.aspx which will give you some signal gain but it likely won't be significant as it is passive and a powered amplifier booster which would very based on which carrier your service is thru

Comment Re:30$? (Score 1) 135

For that price range I would recommend the MAGLTEANT http://www.wpsantennas.com/MAGLTEANT---Magnetic-Mount-Antenna-for-LTE.aspx. The advantage of this antenna is that you could mount it outside where there is typically stronger signal. You would need the antenna as well as an adapter cable (these are device specific). wpsantennas.com has adapter cables for most Aircards modems.

Comment 4G LTE antenna optioins (Score 1) 135

HI all, This is Mike from wpsantennas.com. If anyone has questions on specific antenna options let me know. We have quite a few different options available ranging from a $35 for a magnetic antenna http://www.wpsantennas.com/MAGLTEANT---Magnetic-Mount-Antenna-for-LTE.aspx that can typically boost your signal 1-2 bars (10-12dB) to a high gain yagi like the 477-yb for maximum gain. The current price on the 477-yb http://www.wpsantennas.com/477-YB---Digital-Antenna-700-MHz-Yagi-Directional-4G-Cellular-Antenna---9dB.aspx is $120 but because of all of the questions from this blog I am lowering that down to $89 for the day. Once again any questions let me know.

Crazee Edeee, his prices are INSANE!!!