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+ - SPAM: Amazing Universe

Submitted by workhomeunion
workhomeunion (1601013) writes "The purpose of creating is to display scientific articles, information, and commentary, along with analogous data related to astronomy, cosmology, and religion, in an attempt to disprove archaic sacrosanct myths. Even in the 21st century, allegories, superstitions, episcopal and global nepotism, keep us divided, and keep us in the dark."
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+ - SPAM: Religions Nonsense

Submitted by
workhomeunion writes "Whatever your religious faith happens to be, you can easily find a plethora of articles and books that agree with your point of view; that agree with all the archaic writings of a particular, historical religion, such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, or Taoism.

However, if you're looking for an objective and challenging point of view, this article (Lens) is for you. The opinions stated here come from the author and his 35 years of research on religion, spirituality, death, God, the Roman Catholic Church, Astrology and the Cosmos, and half a century of life on this earth."

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+ - 30-page Business Plan Template $5->

Submitted by workhomeunion
workhomeunion (1601013) writes "Included in Your Success Package:

1. How to Incorporate, LLC, DBA, Copyright, and more.
2.Guide to Starting a Small Business.
3.Deciding on a Business.
4.10 Costly Small Business Mistakes.
5.Keys to a Successful Business Plan.
6. Guide to Free Software for your business.
7. 30-page template and more!"

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