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Comment The next step ! (Score 1) 86

It's great to see movement forward. I've been short a lower leg since i was 5 and its amazing the variations in that time. I've walked on wooden legs with bits of tyre to space it, had wooden feet, latex feet and now composite carbon laminates. I've had sockets with leather straps to keep the leg on, had winged sockets and rubber sleeves but now use a negative pressure socket to maintain volume and improved tactile response. If i left up to the Australian govt cover me with the best tech I'd be using a peg ! And I know guy who loves that ! Yes I could just still be walking around on a resin based leg with a 70's style socket connection and a primitive latex covered foot. But lets face it I move forward cause I don't want to be limited... I wont be stopping for anyone nor will I let the tech limitations slow me as I age. Hell someone get me in that clinical trial. ! Do they need super high athletic types with specialist training. I'm a 3rd dan in Taekwondo and teach fit university students with two legs half my age who cant keep up... I'll show you what it is to be a machine man...not called uncle cyborg for nothing ! But I'm looking forward to seeing what develops out of the trial and how far it reaches,... lets just hope the price doesn't fall too far from the reach of those who would get the most from it, maybe we should be looking at how to get it to them more than wondering if people will cut on off just to get the upgrade.

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