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Comment: just a thought... (Score 1) 308

by woodworx (#45748645) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do You Run a Copy-Cat Installation At Home?
Since I have a security angle to my job, I wanted to ask: if you are practicing your coding at home is your home system secure? will your home coded app be put into the production system 'as is'? (creating a back door if your system is already compromised.) maybe it's a dumb question and a moot point, but seeing how a home brewed app (read developed in-house) used by a major commercial entity just gave up 400K credit cards, it leaves me to wonder what the process was all the way thru the development process, which we may never fully know. on the other hand, my hobbies tend away from system administration so I have pretty good separation, or I would be typing this in from the loonie bin.

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by woodworx (#45006867) Attached to: Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)
that was the first thing that jumped out at me. 'looks like a couple other news sites I've seen...' I actually like /. the way it is currently. It took me quite a while to get over the most recent change. but I'm used to the way the stories are presented and I don't need pics with the stories on the font page, if I want pics, I'll click thru to the story! I really like the distinctive look owns in this current iteration. please keep it the way it is. thanks!

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I have a daughter attending Utah Valley University (blatant plug) in web development. (I tried to discourage her being a system admin and all...) And she's been involved in projects dealing with reformatting for tablets and smart phones, html5 and so on. So I think you should check out the schools available to you and their curriculum to achieve your goals. I know when I went to college, there wasn't a web without a spider and computer science was learning programming languages and defining OSs and nitty gritty stuff like that. (yeah, dinosaurus irrelivantus and i did take a cobol class right after pascal and fortran) Of course, as stated above, get an account and put up a site. show the world what you've got, but try to keep it from the hackers who love to fix your site for you...

State of Virginia Technology Centers Down 190

Posted by Soulskill
from the your-tax-dollars-at-work dept.
bswooden writes "Some rather important departments (DMV, Social Services, Taxation) in the state of Virginia are currently without access to documents and information as a technology meltdown has caused much of their infrastructure to be offline for over 24 hours now. State CIO Sam Nixon said, 'A failure occurred in one memory card in what is known as a "storage area network," or SAN, at Virginia's Information Technologies Agency (VITA) suburban Richmond computing center, one of several data storage systems across Virginia.' How does the IT for some of the largest departments in a state come to a screeching halt over a single memory card? Oh, and also, the state is paying Northrup Grumman $2.4 billion over 10 years to manage the state's IT infrastructure." Reader miller60 adds, "Virginia's IT systems drew scrutiny last fall when state agencies reported rolling outages due to the lack of network redundancy."

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