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Comment: Re:I had a Crookes radiometer as a kid (Score 1) 138

by wonkey_monkey (#47581387) Attached to: NASA Tests Microwave Space Drive

Can someone explain to me again why this couldn't be modified, scaled up and used as a micro thrust system for satellites and such?

Can you explain how it could be modified, scaled up, and used as a micro thrust system?

First problem: it goes round and round, but doesn't produce net thrust in any one direction.

Comment: TiVo didn't challenge any notions (Score 1) 47

by wonkey_monkey (#47579733) Attached to: Why TiVo's Founders Crashed and Burned With Qplay

Michael Ramsay and Jim Barton created a revolution with TiVo, a device that challenged the notion that we had to watch TV shows when they aired.

Wow, how old are you*? Do you even know what a VCR is?

*and by "you," I obviously don't mean Velcroman1, the story's submitter, because he didn't actually write any of it.

Comment: What? (Score 2, Funny) 201

When Is It Better To Modify the ERP vs. Interfacing It?

Modify the what?

I work for one of the largest HVAC manufacturers

A what manufacturer?

We've currently spent millions of dollars investing in an ERP system

A what system?

but it's been a great ordeal getting the thing to work for us across SBUs

Across what?

(via API of choice)?

Ooh, I know that one!


Chief... something... officer...

Comment: Re:MORE strangness? (Score 1) 138

First: when we have established a universal law, and something obeys that law, it is not strange.

Strangeness is a subjective quality.

The laws themselves are strange to the majority of people because they run counter to everyday experience, therefore things that obey those laws also appear strange.

Two: when you assert that something flies against intuition, you'd better ask some gradeschool kids first. Mine called the author an idiot. (They're 8 and 10.)

Then they probably didn't understand the experiment, or you explained it just poorly enough to get the response you wanted for your Slashdot post to make it look all clever and stuff.

Three: if someone's experiment results in the observation of a well known, well documented, scientifically named phenomenon, (superposition,) it is rude to call it "more." Or "new." Just rude.

This goes beyond "simple" superposition, and is indeed a new phenomenon.

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