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Comment: Body Shops get most of the H1-Bs (Score 2) 441

by wonderboss (#47730953) Attached to: Tech Looks To Obama To Save Them From 'Just Sort of OK' US Workers

As a manager at a company that does to hire the best and the brightest, I can say that people calling for more H1-B visas are full of s#!t.

The biggest users of H-1Bs are consulting companies, or as Ron Hira calls them, "offshore-outsourcing firms."

"The top 10 recipients in [the] last fiscal year were all offshore-outsourcers. And they got 40,000 of the 85,000 visas — which is astonishing," he says.


Here is the break-down of my reports.
15 - born in the USA.
3- naturalized citizens when I hired them.
2- from Egypt on L1 visas (we have an office in Cairo)
2- from Korea that had green cards when I hired them
1- from China that was a grad student that we supported. F1 students visa changed to H1B by obtaining a sponsorship position with an H1B sponsor company.
1- from India that was a grad student we supported. F1 students visa changed to H1B by obtaining a sponsorship position with an H1B sponsor company.

It is fairly easy to convert F1 visa for a student that has completed graduate school in the USA to an H1B, and as far as I can tell there is no limit.
(I am not an immigration lawyer, nor do I play one on TV.)

If tried to hire highly qualified individuals from outside the US and was told that I would not be able to get them H1B visas because they were all taken (by the body shoppers). These people had PhDs from prestigious Universities and years of relevant experience. They made the unfortunate mistake of not attending a US
graduate school.

So the solution is quite simple. Stop giving H1B visas to "consulting companies".

Comment: Re:Better / Faster / Cheaper: Pick Two (Score 1) 215

by wonderboss (#42396971) Attached to: Lockheed, SpaceX Trade Barbs

Better / Faster / Cheaper: Pick Two is an 'old saw' that pertains to
any one project. Over time it is obvious that we can have
all three. I think Musk/SpaceX is demonstrating that.

Do Boeing or Lockhead or ULA have a vehicle cleared for
carrying cargo to and from the ISS? Do they have a launch
system in production that they are trying to get certified to
carry people?


Real-Life Transformer Robot On Sale In Japan 54

Posted by samzenpus
from the roll-out dept.
Modellismo writes "Last May a Japanese hobbyist revealed a DIY, real-life Transformer Robot Car that received lots of feedback. Now Kenji Ishida is back with a new version that will be officially presented next weekend at the Maker Faire Tokyo 2012. This new 1/12 scale autobot is made using a custom 3D printer (build by Kenji himself), and finally Transformers fans around the world will be able to buy it. The official price has not been disclosed. For now the production is limited to 10 pieces. It's possible to choose the color of the robot that comes built and programmed, complete with a wireless controller in a numbered case."

Comment: Useful in Technology Organization Leadership (Score 1) 700

by wonderboss (#41637755) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Books Have Had a Significant Impact On Your Life?

Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams (Second Edition)

Putt's Law and the Successful Technocrat: How to Win in the Information Age
- When I read this one in my twenties I thought it was cynical and funny.
        Now I think it is cynical and accurate.

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