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Comment Constant Planning (Score 1) 186

The project planning, then replanning, then forecasting, then reforecast, then burndown, then plan the next sprint, then perform a retrospective on the last sprint, then update your work items, then explain the deviations, then participate in the daily scrum, then attend the weekly project status. Oh yeah, then do a little bit of the work you've been churning over for the last month. Planning is fine but the point of development is to create solutions. Not plan to create solutions.

Amazon Instant Video Now Available On Android 77

briancox2 writes Amazon has avoided releasing the Amazon Instant Video app that is on Fire and Kindle to the general Android market, even though the app has been available for some time on iOS. Now, after a workaround had allowed some users to install the app on Android by fiddling with permissions, Amazon has released the app to many devices calling it "Amazon Instant Video for Google TV". It's not clear yet which devices can run this app. Currently it is not available for older Samsung Galaxy lines, however the Nexus, a major competitor of Amazon's devices, can run the new app.

Comment XP is almost 4 times older than a 3 year old... (Score 1) 537

...and I've been using it that long. No kidding it might take me longer to adapt than a 3 year old. I've been using vi for decades too. Does that mean I'm not that bright if it takes a little longer for me to get used to emacs than someone who's brand new. The premise of this argument is more than flawed. It's asinine.

Comment Re:I wonder what are housing prices like in NH... (Score 1) 416

You're describing instant runoff voting: This is a great way to allow you to vote for third party candidates without "throwing your vote away". If we had used IRV in the 2000 elections Gore would have won by a mile as most of the Greens would have ranked Nader first and Gore second.

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