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+ - Inventors Revolutionize Beekeeping

Submitted by wombatmobile
wombatmobile (623057) writes "For more than 5,000 years, apiarists donned protective suits and lit bundles of grass to subdue swarms of angry bees while they robbed their hives of precious, golden honey. Now two Australian inventors have made harvesting honey as easy as turning a tap — literally. Cedar Anderson and his father Stuart have just been rewarded for a decades worth of inventing and refining with a $2 million overnight success on Indiegogo. Their Flow Hive coopts bees to produce honey in plastic cells that can be drained and restored by turning a handle, leaving the bees in situ and freeing apiarists from hours of smoke filled danger time every day."

+ - New technique sequences ancient DNA 99.9%

Submitted by wombatmobile
wombatmobile (623057) writes "Ancient DNA has proven difficult to sequence or clone, because it is fragmentary, and most of it breaks down into single strands after it is extracted from bone.

However, a new technique developed at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, sequences single stranded DNA. Scientists just announced they used the technique to fully sequence Denisovan DNA from a bone fragment found in a cave in Siberia. They're going to go back to sequence their library of hundreds of Neanderthal DNA specimens.

How long before they make Dolly Denisovan?"

+ - Are web standards indexed fully and correctly?->

Submitted by wombatmobile
wombatmobile (623057) writes "The world's most popular search engine company is a leading supporter of open standards. It pours money and people into initiatives that promote, assist, support and implement web standards. As a core foundation of is mission statement, all web assetts should ideally be of a kind that it can work with.

Strange then, that the world's most popular search engine doesn't index all of the current important web standards formats.

Doug Schepers of W3C blogs about how Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) content is recognised and not recognised by search engines, currently and historically."

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+ - News Helicopters Crash

Submitted by wombatmobile
wombatmobile (623057) writes "Where I live, the law prohibits the use of a hand held mobile phone while driving a car.

In Phoenix, AZ, apparently some people are allowed to fly a helicopter, broadcast news competitively, and control their own airspace simultaneously whilst presenting a story to an audience in real time.

Which got me wondering, what are the neurophysiological limits of multitasking?

Might these limits ever be measured and quantified?"

+ - Obesity cure for office workers

Submitted by wombatmobile
wombatmobile (623057) writes "Britain's Telegraph newspaper reports that a team led by Prof James Levine, a British scientist at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, has invented an apparatus that cures obesity in office workers. The apparatus, a treadmill with a computer stand attached, enables office workers to maintain walking pace while working. The resultant slow steady burn consumes over 100 calories per hour, making it possible for obese office workers to lose 66 lbs per year."

+ - WinHlp32.exe still deprocated

Submitted by wombatmobile
wombatmobile (623057) writes "Windows Vista doesn't allow existing programs to display their help files.

Microsoft said they would provide a download fix "in time for the consumer release of Windows Vista", but they haven't!


How can consumers use existing programs on the new Vista if their help files don't work?

How can software publishers help their customers if Microsoft prohibits them from distributing the old help system and provides no alternative?"

It is the quality rather than the quantity that matters. - Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 B.C. - A.D. 65)