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Comment: Judges of Reality (Score 1) 80

by wolfram74 (#42028281) Attached to: Legalizing Online Futures Betting
I've put some thought into predictions market, and getting around money handling and laws are only the first stages of problems you encounter. I think the big one is who makes the call? You'd have to have the reporting agency explicitly stated earlier and basically assert that their judgement is uncontestable. For elected offices that's not so hard, few people will say that, say, the president was incorrectly elected and they question the call made by everybody reporting on it. But just 2 months ago, large organizations were questioning the validity of the unemployment numbers produced by the department of labor. I guess the hard part is finding a reality all parties can agree too. The fact that I just wrote that makes me sad.

+ - Billionaires and polymaths to unveil a plan to mine asteroids.->

Submitted by dumuzi
dumuzi (1497471) writes "A team including Larry Page, Ram Shriram and Eric Schmidt (Google), James Cameron (Director), Charles Simonyi (Microsoft executive and astronaut), Ross Perot Jr. (son of Ross Perot), Chris Lewicki (NASA Mars mission manager), and Peter Diamandis (X-Prize) from a new company called Planatary Resources are expected to announce plans on April 24th to mine asteroids. A study by NASA released April 2nd claims a robotic mission could capture a 500 ton asteroid and bring it to orbit the moon for $2.6 billion. The additional cost to mine the asteroid and return the ores to Earth would make profit unlikely even if the asteriod was 20% gold. But with many raw materials on Earth expected to run out in 50-60 years perhaps now is the right time to invest in this project."
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+ - Google's Secret Switch to the Next Wave of Networking->

Submitted by infomodity
infomodity (1368149) writes "What started as a Stanford project (Stanford Clean Slate) to design an Internet with decades of hindsight as a guide is now being put into practice by Google using OpenFlow. SDN, or Software Defined Networking, is a way of decoupling data and control planes, allowing an open software community to thrive in what is historically a proprietary, ASIC based networking space. With routing and switching control planes becoming open, what will the networks of tomorrow look like?"
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