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by wolfgang_spangler (#39700047) Attached to: The Laws of Physics Trump Traffic Laws

I didn't actually expect to win. I understand your points and researched enough before I went before the judge to understand the situation was exactly what you described. He did reduce the fine, but I went mostly for the experience. Oh, and I was hoping the officer would be too busy to show up, which I knew was a long shot, but hey...

  It was very interesting.

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I tried to use math to defend myself recently when ticketed for using a cel phone in a school zone. As an aside, I was using it legally (hands free) and picked it up after I exited the school zone, the officer said, "you picked it up about 5 feet before the end of the zone."

It was a very, very interesting experience and I pretty much learned the point you just made AC. At the end of the day, in which I defended myself with math/physics the judge said, "I feel like I just had a college physics class. You know, there are two school zones on that street. You may have been in the zone, you may not have. I don't care, you have no business being on your phone on that street. You are free to appeal my decision.

The fine was an annoyance (like 150) but I found it a very interesting experience in how small suburbs within cities make money and how a person going in there to defend themselves has basically no chance.

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From the article:
In a blog post earlier today, Auernheimer spelled out Goatse's case. "All data was gathered from a public webserver with no password, accessible by anyone on the Internet," he wrote. "There was no breach, intrusion, or penetration, by any means of the word."

How did he do anything illegal?

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I was fine all throughout primary and secondary school, but since coming to college I've noticed that I feel physically sick in the lectures, it was enough to make me stop attending lectures almost entirely (maybe I'll do better next year).

Those are called hangovers. I suggest scheduling later classes.

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1 most good hackers will have some sort of criminal record
2 hackers may or may not like a normal uniform and the hair thing may be an issue
3 when you have a group setup DO NOT VISIT DO NOT ASK "HOW" (plausible deneyability is a good thing)
4 psych evals may be another issue

As someone who has worked in this field for years, I'd like to set you straight.
You are full of shit.

That is a movie/TV idea and has nothing to do with reality. My co-workers are very damn good, and you couldn't look at any of us on the street and say we conform to any of your lame sterotypes.

You don't have a clue.

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Goddammit! I'm a vegetarian and I grill whatever my guests and family want. All you generalizers are assholes!

My sister is the same way. And if she is a guest at a gathering she will generally bring her own main dish if a veggie one isn't available instead of bitching about it or making people do special things for her.


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I watched the Good Eats episode the wiki article references. And while everything on TV certainty isn't true, he made a pretty damn good scientific argument/experiment.

I've noticed your name posting a lot lately...normally slashdot is the kind of place where I don't notice one particular troll.

You are a special kind of troll though, a huge contrarian. No matter what anyone says, they are wrong and don't know as much as you. It is funny to have arguments with people like you because it is easy to get them to start off with one point, and work them around till they end up supporting the opposite view just as vehemently, because no matter what someone else says, you have to say something to the contrary to show your superior knowledge.

Everyone can be taught to sculpt: Michelangelo would have had to be taught how not to. So it is with the great programmers.