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+ - Demonoid Resurrection Dismissed As Malware Was Legitimate ->

Submitted by wo1verin3
wo1verin3 writes: Previously reported on Slashdot was a story about a malware attempt masquerading itself as a Demonoid resurrection. It turns out this really was Demonoid making a comeback. With the site now back online with a new host, TorrentFreak caught up with its admins who tell us they have no malicious intent and simply want to bring a community back to together. While there is still uncertainty, one thing is absolutely clear – they do have the old Demonoid database.
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Comment: Keylogged, not hacked. (Score 1) 66

by wo1verin3 (#39950367) Attached to: 55,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked, Passwords Leaked

Or at least not directly hacked from Twitter.

If you look at the logins there is a mix of usernames and email addresses. Since Twitter lets you login using either your twitter handle or email address, it looks as if these were somehow keylogged or otherwise hijacked, as opposed to Twitter being hacked.

Comment: Ignorance like this needs to be corrected (Score 0) 128

by wo1verin3 (#38899427) Attached to: Pirate Apple TV Operation Nabbed In Australia

FTFA: “Customers of this criminal enterprise are not unintended beneficiaries of the digital revolution, they are receivers of stolen property,” he said.

Unless the USB keys themselves were stolen, to which there appears to be no mention of (and you can be sure they would mention it), there is no transfer of property.

We need to (I realize easier said than done) get the media to start correcting ridiculous statements.

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