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Journal: Software, Math and Party Poker

Journal by wmajik
Welcome to my little journal entry on Slashdot regarding software, math and Party Poker. I am probably not going to write in here a lot as most of my time is spend lurking here and posting, but every once in awhile I submit to the Index a story about something neat. Usually it's regarding software or poker. Oddly, only my poker entries get accepted, but oh well.

Anyhow, I'm pretty much a geek that spends most of the time on the computer. I work for a big company out east that recently made some news. The rest of the time, I spend on math, calculating odds and playing internet poker.

I used to play mainly on Party Poker as a bonus hunter at the low limit tables (also known as a bonus whore, but that's not very PC is it?). I started out with some Party Poker bonus codes and moved my way up after some time. Part of that success was due to the site hosting the bonuses, the Party Poker Strategy Guide, which is currently my favorite internet poker strategy site. In a distant second is 2+2, which has some very active forums.

Yes, gambling is for teh devil, but that's why engineers, coders and geeks in general call poker a skill game. Calculating odds, figuring out equity in various poker hands, determining mathematical models for end game tournament scenarios and writing AI for poker bots.

Anyhow, rambling on. If you really wanted to know more about me, I'm just a goof in general. All my posts are usually my attempt at humor (when I don't get modded as a troll by the mods that is).


You know you've been spending too much time on the computer when your friend misdates a check, and you suggest adding a "++" to fix it.