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Comment: Re:Tried and gave up (Score 4, Interesting) 248

by wkk2 (#49050797) Attached to: Smart Homes Often Dumb, Never Simple

I had a high end system with lots of keypads and dimmer switches. I removed it after finding out that the dimmer switches didn't get along with any LED bulbs. The only feature I really was happy with was "all lights on" triggered by the fire alarm. The furnace blower rotor locked at 2AM on a cold New Years day. It was nice to have all the lights on when I started searching for the source of the smoke.

Comment: Re:The "It's not working" attack (Score 1) 149

by wkk2 (#48142397) Attached to: ISPs Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption

Mail servers can be configured to not offer login unless starttls is used. That should prevent a plain text connection. That still leaves open the issue of mitm with certificates that the client shouldn't trust. Are there any email clients that lock starttls to a specific certificate or warn that the certificate suddenly changed?

Comment: Re:This actually makes perfect sense. (Score 5, Interesting) 117

by wkk2 (#47707395) Attached to: Scientists Find Traces of Sea Plankton On ISS Surface
If plankton was taken to the ISS via an updraft and it's viable (survived the delta V of impact). It would seem likely that impacts with passing objects that are above escape velocity could also occur. If that's true, plankton might be found all over the solar system.

Comment: Re:If I wandered into the bank.. (Score 1) 210

by wkk2 (#46885533) Attached to: Target Moves To Chip and Pin Cards To Boost Security

Citi sent me a chip card on request. I don't know if it's configured for chip/pin or signature. I've tried readers that have chip slots but I have yet to find one in the US that works. One company asked their supplier and was told the card slots were disabled.

My laptop can read the chip id but I don't want to try anything else since it might lock the card.

Comment: Re: This is why encryption isn't popular (Score 1) 399

by wkk2 (#44530189) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Do I Request Someone To Send Me a Public Key?

Also, assumes that the card generates good key pairs and doesn't use some secret process that allows private key recovery from the public key. This has been done by card suppliers in the past.

As a side questions: Does any CA have a process for signing S/MIME certificates that can be generated outside of a browser?

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