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Comment: My favorite Valenti quote (Score 1) 280

by wk633 (#29732101) Attached to: 100 Years of Copyright Hysteria

"A public domain work is an orphan. No one is responsible for its life. But everyone exploits its use, until that time cretain when it becomes soiled and haggard, barren of its previous virtues. Who, then, will invest the funds to renovate and nourish its future life, when on one owns it? How does the consumer benefit from that scenario? The answer is, there is no benefit."

-- Jack Valenti

As found in 'Digital Copyright' by Jessica Litman

Comment: Re:I really hate spammers... (Score 1) 575

by wk633 (#27037767) Attached to: Uproar Over Netflix's New Instant Viewer

I'd love to try Netflix ... ... but back in 2001, when those X10 cameras started flooding us with popup ads, I swore I'd never support a company that took over my browser. I usually browse with Noscript- but when I don't, I invariably get a popunder for Netflix.

Just because you can get around the popup blocking that every user has turned on doesn't mean you should.

A penny saved is a penny to squander. -- Ambrose Bierce