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+ - How to boost Computer Science Education->

Submitted by wjousts
wjousts (1529427) writes "NPR had a story on how a number of nonprofit and for-profit groups are trying to deal with what they see as a crisis in computer science education in K-12 US public schools.


"Ninety percent of schools just don't even teach [computer science]. So if you're a parent and your school doesn't even offer this class, your kids aren't going to have the preparation they need for 21st century," says Hadi Partovi, co-founder of the nonprofit "Just like we teach how electricity works and biology basics they should also know how the Internet works and how apps work. Schools need to add this to the curriculum."

Some sobering stats from last year's Computer Science AP [Advanced Placement] data:

* In Mississippi, Montana and Wyoming, no girls took the computer science exam.
* In 11 states, no black students took it.
* In eight states, no Hispanics took it.
* In 17 states, fewer than 100 students took it."

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Comment: VPN not a requirement for doing useful work (Score 2) 529

by wjousts (#43105103) Attached to: The Data That Drove Yahoo's Telecommuting Ban

Sure you need to be on the VPN to see your e-mail (that notorious destroyer of productivity), but there's a lot of stuff you can be doing offline (or at least off the VPN) that is still productive work. For example, if I'm writing code, it's not always the case that I have to be on the company network to do it.

Also, my VPN software seems to be the only common element in the rare blue-screen crashes I get on my work laptop - so it's usually a lot less frustrating to leave it off.

In fact, if I am goofing off, I'm much more likely to log into the VPN and open my e-mail so that others can see that I'm "online" and working. I like to sit my laptop next to my gaming desktop while I do this!

"Pascal is Pascal is Pascal is dog meat." -- M. Devine and P. Larson, Computer Science 340