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Comment: Re:Don't put it on the Internet! (Score 1) 227

by wjlakos (#34153244) Attached to: Evaluating Or Testing Utility SCADA Security?
No reason to have concern over Simatic... yes while the world was pointing fingers at the latest virus scare, it was only coincidence that paired the virulent nature with the Simatic control platform. The key is to eliminate, or at least tightly manage, any possibility of exposing a critical infrastructure to "the public".

Comment: Look at other major universities (Score 1) 141

by wjlakos (#33918748) Attached to: Google Maps Adds Drone Imagery
It is common for a university to pay for aerial imagages of their campus. (Aerial survey or properties.) They use this for internal mapping functions and other useful functions. Once they have it, they can share it with other interested parties, but usually it includes some reciprocal benefit. If it was a game day, could you read the scoreboard?,-84.484853&spn=0.001413,0.002401&t=h&z=19

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