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Comment Re:Whats is the slashdot stupid icons over the tit (Score 1) 87

Typically, I am one of the few that days does not complain when Slashdot makes changes. However, as of this last change they have gone too far.

Slashdot, on top of the gripe that I am replying to, please remove that chat bubble from the story title line and restore the "Read More" link to it's proper place. I am not saying you can't have a prominent social networking link, I am saying put more thought into where it should go. Seriously, please backtrack on this one.

Comment The question makes no sense. (Score 1) 150

Or at the very least only raises more.

1. How big is the asteroid?
2. What is it made of?
3. How fast is it traveling?
4. How far away from the Earth was it when first detected?

I would say we would need to have many different strategies in place based on a mix of those variables.

Comment This is of great interest to me. (Score 1) 299

I have been thinking for awhile about building a house out in the country and not bothering to have it connected to the grid. My first thought was to go with a whole lot of solar panels and a couple giant propane tanks with a gas generator. Still, that is a lacking setup, but these batteries just might make the difference. I would probably buy more than one of whatever the top of the line battery would be. Of course, I have already checked the availability of water in the areas I have been considering.

Throw in a couple substantially less hydrogen fuels cells to take over in the event I loose power and I might seriously go through with it.

Comment Re:Stop spending money on ads, then (Score 1) 290

Why are they trying to drum up demand when they are obviously overwhelmed with demand,can't make nearly enough of the damned things after 6 months or more of round-the-clock production?

I think that's kind of the whole point. I mean we are here talking about it after all. I think there is an economic term for the practice, anyone care to enlighten?

Comment Re:What Microsoft Wants: The Next Windows XP (Score 1) 159

Right now we have the multitudes running a conglomerate combination of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 - I imagine all of these operating system, and remember when we had a single MS OS shared among all people business and personal alike. Part of the appeal of XP was that you could depend on finding it anywhere and everywhere and nearly exclusively. Microsoft has too much out there - and this includes their server offerings - and I strongly suspect MS is working toward that lost, uniform ubiquity that they had with Windows XP.
Again, I'm a long time MS basher, but I think giving them a post-Ballmer chance is fully in order. I expect a lot of them over the next few short years, and that includes a single OS to rule them all..

Comment What Microsoft Wants: The Next Windows XP (Score 3, Interesting) 159

When business first encountered Windows 8\8.1 the resistance has been high with people falling back to Windows 7... Understandably. I've been using Windows 10 from the earliest builds. It was clear from early on: they wanted to appeal to business and consumers with a single, and long term, solution like they had with XP. When it was Windows XP, it was Windows XP for all. This is what Microsoft wants to return to. I am sure there are domain policies you can issue to configure what "start" does and does not do. I think Microsoft might hit their stride with Windows 10. This is signed a long time MS\Windows hater.

Submission + - Researchers identify 'tipping point' between quantum and classical worlds->

wjcofkc writes: If we are ever to fully harness the power of light for use in optical devices, it is necessary to understand photons — the fundamental unit of light. Achieving such understanding, however, is easier said than done. That's because the physical behavior of photons — similar to electrons and other sub-atomic particles — is characterized not by classical physics, but by quantum mechanics.

Now, in a study published in Physical Review Letters, scientists from Bar-Ilan University have observed the point at which classical and quantum behavior converge. Using a fiber-based nonlinear process, the researchers were able to observe how, and under what conditions, "classical" physical behavior emerges from the quantum world.

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