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The Dems complained about Bush bypassing the intent to keep things on record. The Democrats made a big deal about using government computers in the name of transparency. Rules were made for the State Department to use sanctioned computers. People were fired during Clinton's term as head of the State Department for not following this policy. The new rules and being a hypocrite in not following them herself is the issue.

Comment Re:7zip (Score 1) 215

I have 3 Meg DSL when the weather is good. An electric co-op for a rural area is putting fiber in to get 1 gig to the home over a 5 year rollout. It unfortunately will stop about 1/2 mile from my current location. If I move to the middle of some farmland I'll have far better Internet - that's just weird.

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If you're considering GPU look through any bitcoin mining forum. Setting up a reliable GPU farm is a nice tech challenge if you really want to grow your own. A few years ago I ran out of power at 50 GPUs, they're hogs. Heat is a whole other problem as the previous posted made note of. For a business use you may want to just use AWS or GPU appliances.

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The son's stuff was a pure and simple cash grab. It's like the Star Wars prequels but far worse, changing the entire tone and actually reason behind the original novels. I suffered through them as supposedly there were notes left behind by Frank Herbert outlining the last book. The conclusion of Dune the son wrote tied up things by including people and events from the various prequel trilogies he wrote and it wasn't satisfying or even believable in context of the original novels. I can only think the supposed finding of notes about the conclusion of Dune was an outright marketing ploy.

Comment Re:Well done FCC (Score 2) 234

I agree - all the tax money put those lines in and the baby bells are a government mandated monopoly. A level playing field would be amazing. When the FCC rolled back many of the '96 telco reform act the small ISP could no longer compete. Wholesale rates were higher than the telco was offering retail rates to the end user.

For a good first step how about the telco's having to live up to their $400 billion in broken contracts. One agreement had every house in NJ to be on fiber by mid 2000s.

Comment Re:Tech isn't the problem... (Score 1) 183

I've seen many of those 'stupid laws still on the books'. (I see exists, amusing. "A woman isn’t allowed to cut her own hair without her husband’s permission.") Why do those even still exist?

It seems like all laws need some time limit, if no one has been successfully tried for something illegal for X number of years the law becomes void.

I'm not sure about your #3 of Loser pays. That may stop someone bringing a case against a GM or other mega corp if they spend millions on lawyers. I see the intent but it could really shaft the little guy.

Is there any website that actually shows the law including all revisions? Instead of the various further laws that are worded like "change part 2, subsection A, paragraph 3 from 'shall' to 'will'" it'd be nice if any changes showed the actual entire new wording

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