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Comment Re:What?!? No Flasks or bottles in sight! (Score 1) 111

Agreed. I use two small applications ( http://github.com/kghose/chotha, http://github.com/kghose/jabda) and I moved them from Ruby On Rails to bottlepy and have felt much better since. bottlepy is exactly the thing I needed for a basically desktop application that uses a browser as an interface.

Comment Re:Terminal Velocity (Score 1) 233

It's more density than pure size. I would think that electronics are quite dense (and apple products go for heavy cases on top of that). So I would think that the terminal vel for such things are higher and attained later than for a similarly sized object like a pencil case or box of chocolates and so on.

Submission the dead must die->

An anonymous reader writes: Hi! I'm writing to announce the release of a new web series I've been working on. It's called "The Dead Must Die", and it's about the zompocalypse, gaming and geeks.

It launched last Friday as a DailyMotion original series. Episode two will also be available to watch at dailymotion.com/thedeadmustdie from tomorrow (12am release EST)

Please enjoy the show; if you have any suggestions or ideas of people or places that might be interested in what we're doing, I would greatly appreciate the help.
Thanks in advance!

p.s. tomorrow is Friday the 13th, May is zombie awareness month. Seems like a good time to talk zombies!

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Submission Einstein's Immigration Papers Found at Heathrow->

astroengine writes: "When representatives from the Merseyside Maritime Museum paid a routine visit to Heathrow Airport, they were in for a surprise. Looking for any tidbits of the UK's immigration control history, they came across Einstein's Dover landing card dating back to 1933. Apart from being a wonderful snippet of physics history, having been handled by the legendary physicist who transformed the way in which we view the Universe with his general and special theories of relativity, the landing card is a stark reminder about the harrowing pre-war history of Nazi Germany. Stating his nationality as "Swiss," the landing card shows that Einstein, a Jew, had denounced his German nationality only weeks earlier in protest of Adolf Hitler's oppressive regime."
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The Wright Bothers weren't the first to fly. They were just the first not to crash.