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Comment: Your Relatives should not be on the Internet (Score 4, Insightful) 272

by wisnoskij (#47933135) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives

They ... click on everything they receive, and take delight on sending their information to any Nigerian prince that contacts them, "just in case this one is true".

Your Relatives should not be on the Internet. Not only will they be scammed out of possibly every cent they have, but they are probably sending spam and viruses to all of us.

Comment: I, Robot from a programmers perspective (Score 3, Interesting) 160

by wisnoskij (#47919577) Attached to: Developing the First Law of Robotics
Don't get me started on Asimov's work. He tried to write allot about how robots would function with these laws that he invented, but really just ended up writing about a bunch of horrendously programmed robots who underwent 0 testing and predictably and catastrophically failed at every single edge case. I do not think there is a single robot in any of his stories that would not not self destruct within 5 minutes of entering the real world.

Comment: Re:Lucky them (Score 5, Informative) 155

by wisnoskij (#47913239) Attached to: Court Rules the "Google" Trademark Isn't Generic
That is how the word is used now, and the summery even states that the ruling takes this into account. They know that googleing is a generic word, but Google is not. A search engine is not called a google, only Google is called Google. This does not change just because googleing is a generic term for performing a internet searching.

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