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Comment Re:Nurses or teachers? (Score 1) 135

Ya, it seems to be years of full time schooling. Pretty much the equivalent of a very easy bachelor's program.

But at the end of it, when I was told they were capable of doing, it is just non-medical, and non-technical things. They cannot cure a headache, or even apply medicine to patients, nor use any of the diagnosis devises. They are the ones who change the sheets, sponge bath the patients, and change the bandages. Jobs that typically do not require any skills, so I am not really sure why it took them so long to graduate. I think it is mostly about how to not accidentally kill patients when changing the sheets.

Comment Re:Nurses or teachers? (Score 1) 135

The ridiculous part is how little they teach nurses, at least in Canada. I have a few friends, and basically they just teach them how to make a bed. The "how to use a needle" course is an optional extra. I guess nursing started out as housewives with no extra skills helping out. And the only thing that has changed since then is that the nurses have less skills, and need to be taught the basics of cleanliness.

Comment Lord of the Rings (Score 0, Offtopic) 66

One of the Tolkien's core beliefs, and a central pillar of his LotRs trilogy, is he abhorrence of tyranny. But one thing he maintained, and showed off a little with the struggle of the good guys from harassing the power of the Ring, is that Tyranny is always bad, but it is worse if the all powerful ruler actually cares about their subjects. A uncaring, self obsessed, ruler will at least give you enough lease to pursue your life as you see fit when it does not interferer with their ambitions. While a caring omnipotent ruler would control every aspect of their citizens lives out of love of them. Gandelf could of took up the ring at anytime and destroyed Sauron, but that use of power would of corrupted him. Leading him to ever greater and greater uses of power to protect the denizens of Middle Earth; Until unerringly, he enslaved their wills to protect them from themselves.

Comment Re:Contradictory? (Score 1) 491

Education makes people gullible, and readily believe crazy things (
Engineers are one of the most educated groups in existence (they probably cram 1.5-2 years of study into ever actual year).

University is very anti-religion, so that is one area that typically does not increase with education. But the more busy you are, the less access to university culture you get, so religiosity would go up.

Comment Does it Control for Education (Score 1) 491

Eduction is pretty much a necessity to cultivate that type of unshakable faith in a cause.

Quoting: "It turns out that all this book learnin' is teaching you more than just the Pythagorean theorem -- it's also making it easier for you to believe some laughably wrong and even seriously weird stuff.

One problem is that education leads to one overall inaccurate belief: You think you're smarter than you are. Three studies have found that people who fall for investment scams are better-educated than the average person but don't seek advice because they think they're immune to making mistakes. In one study, researchers found that 94 percent of college professors think their work is superior to their peers'. These fellows fail to realize that intelligence doesn't always translate to real-world ability, and thus they tend to overestimate the quality of their work.

That's why the more education you get, the more likely you are to believe in, say, ghosts and the supernatural. One study found that 23 percent of college freshman believed in the paranormal, compared with 31 percent of seniors and 34 percent of graduate students. Which leads us to wonder ... what the fuck are schools teaching these days?" -

Comment Its About Time (Score 2) 262

Technically anytime a company hires an H1B1, and you believe you have the qualifications for that job, you can raise hell. Hell, maybe you could even sue for lost wages. Because that is not supposed to happen. Period. To actually get fired over a H1B1 is completely ridiculous, and in this case the company has no recourse to saying that they looked for qualified professionals in America, but could not find one. The case is cut and dry, the company brazenly lied to the government, and the government rubber stamped the H1B1, like always. Like how Google, et al, got a non-competitive business practice suit brought against them for agreeing to not snipe each others employees. Americans need to come together and launch a major lawsuit against H1B1 users and their government lackeys.

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