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Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 2) 124

How is the creation of a slave caste not only a big problem, but something you should always put a lot of consideration into before embarking on? I don't care if slavery already exists, it is still a big deal.

Also, while there exists areas like running where one genetic group dominates, none of them dominate in more than one area. Kenian's still have an average IQ of 90 or something like that. And fortunate or not, society is so far away from a meritocracy that we simply do not see the pooling of genetic excellence and failures into distinct groups. Rich people do score higher on average, but there is a huge income mobility in America. Most successful people become less successful and most unsuccessful people become more successful, so the direct opposite of a meritocracy.

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 1) 124

Would you want to come in second place to a GM human? Once we start messing with humans, creating artificiality better humans and regular old normal humans, One group will need to oppress the other. Either Super humans will be banned from all Competition with regular humans, or regular Humans will naturally lose all competitions.

Comment Re:This is a bullshit simplification (Score 2) 303

Or that time the America and Canada performed dangerous and torturous medical experimentation on non-consenting citizens. A practice the utilised hundreds of doctors and nurses spanning dozens and dozens of institutions, not to mention the thousands of unwitting participants. And we did not find out until the government declassified the documents detailing the practice decades latter. All you need to do is read some declassified federal documents to know that large, complicated, crazy, conspiracies are carried out by the government all the time.


Comment Scrapping Away all the Bullshit (Score 2) 442

It sounds like the police have hired Vigilant to provide automated licence place scanners for cop cars, as well as running the backend servers, so that police can catch people who owe the government court fees. But instead of getting paid upfront Vigilant works for the 25% mark up that is charged to people who made the police look for them instead of paying on their own. While there is definitely privacy concerns with the government allowing some potentially confidential information (though LPs are publicly visible and often court results are as well, I think) out of their hands, it actually sounds like a decent arrangement. Its pure profit for the police, they get better tech that allows them to easily track down people who owe the government money, and they do not even have to pay for it. And 25% is actually a far far smaller late-fee/threaten-fee then you normally see.

I think Vigilant got a pretty raw deal here, and are probably betting that their will be far far more things automated licence plate readers can be used for, and they are hoping to be on the ground flour when the market opens up. A camera on a police car, with the right backend, could almost completely replace police officers, so there is pretty unlimited growth potential for this technology.

Comment Adobe Acrobat (Score 4, Insightful) 256

... Is the worst program to use to create PDFs. Just use one of the free applications.

PDF is the open standard for sharing documents. Adobe does not offer any open source or free creation tools, but there are half a dozen great PDF creation tools available some of them open source, many of them free.

Comment This is a Really Bad Idea (Score 2) 391

Even leaving aside the undertones of Nightwatch-ian tyranny, this is just a very covertly nefarious law.

We already know that child porn includes pictures that you yourself took of yourself, while you are a minor. Most high school students have pictures on their devices that can be defined as child pornography, hell most parents have pictures on their devices that might be classified as child pornography. And now it has been made illegal to practice best judgement.

Comment Re:Why retail? (Score 1) 298

No, the argument is that in general society wants to get away from fossil fuel usage and solar just is not ready to compete on even terms with fossil fuels (so the only solution is to give solar a artificial advantage). No serious person ever made the argument that paying retail was actually fair.

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