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Comment: Re:Or they're just proxying their connections (Score 1) 222

Which ones? I looked back when this measure was first announced, and all I found was references to VPNs which used to allow free torrenting use. I have absolutely shit internet, so even an incredibly restricted VPN would be useful, but I found absolutely zero.

Comment: Get Pennied to death.... (Score 1) 826

by Wild_dog! (#49736611) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

Toll roads are such a lame thing.
I can't stand them with all of their toll plazas that cost a bunch to build and maintain and wasted money staffing them.

Will this approach pester people also?
I wonder how penny-ing people to death will work.

A solution needs to be found to maintain good roads.... not sure this is the solution.

Comment: That is How is is supposed to Work (Score 1) 529

by wisnoskij (#49710423) Attached to: Harvard Hit With Racial Bias Complaint
That is how both Canadian and American post-secondary education is set up to work. There is nothing below board about it, I think there are laws that demand they leave room for minorities like Africans, Native Americans, and Whites. I am pretty sure you would have to sue the government if you wanted this changed.

Comment: Own the company you Work at (Score 1) 353

The only way.... Ignore the people saying contracts, no employer is going to sign a contract stating that all work you do for them is actually owned by you and they cannot profit from it. And even if they did, they sort of cease being an employer, and begin being your employee, except they pay you for the privilege of being your employee. It is sort of a contradiction, so it's impossible

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