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Comment: 2 Weeks? (Score 1) 512 512

Bullshit. Sure, cosmic rays will randomly flip bits over time and cause OS degradation. But that is over months or years. It is it noticeably slower after a few weeks that is something else, most often installing random shit. Note: Chrome, by default, is always running in the background.

Comment: Re:Tell me... (Score 1) 172 172

I think, while it might make sense to say that a 500 page book takes more effort, I think we might be surprised. I think like coding most of the effort can easily go into trimming a book down. Both authors wrote 600 page manuscripts, the one whole published the 200 page one just spend months more refining than the 500 page guy.

Comment: Re:The cliches are right (Score 1) 583 583

Which works well if you are a competent person. But 99% of the people out there are mediocre at best and have a self inflated opinion of themselves, and would just screw up their career if they "took ownership" of it. By the law of statistics 99% of people who get passed over for a promotion were passed over because they were not the best candidate.

Comment: Re:This was done by a journalist, not a scientist! (Score 0) 260 260

The author only makes clear his own bias. A journalist cannot hope to pick apart a scientific article, because they are not scientists. If they had the credentials that allowed them to understand and critic a scientist's work they would not be a journalist. What this article shows is a few of the methods the scientific community uses to generate esteem and keep their jobs by faking science. Pay to get your article taken periodicals do not exist because of poor journalism, there is an entire huge industry of scientific journals that has popped up like this to cater to biased, incompetent, and sometimes even dishonest scientists. It is ridiculous to think that the scientist would suffer any effects other than positive, as this is general industry practice.

You will have many recoverable tape errors.