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Comment Police (Score 1) 368

This should not be an issue. Poor neighborhoods have always had the means to keep rich people out and housing affordable. A city should be able to support a diverse range of people, and will do so unless something prevents it. Sounds to me like this is more of a side-effect of every expanding police power than a tech boom.

Comment Re:PT Barnum (Score 1) 174

I don't know, betting on sports results should be pretty easy to game. The odds given are just designed to hedge the bookie's bets, not on the actually best guess on who is going to win. People are stupid, so will bet wrong in general; So you only need to figure out when the odds given do not match the real life odds to such a degree that you have a monetary advantage. You won't win every time, like the bookies do, but you should be able to easy get a positive expected value. The problem with poker is that unless you are coning noobs, you are playing people at the same level as you. While if you get involved in huge population wide gambling, you only need to outplay the lowest common denominator.

Comment Re:Case study on how to blow a great oppurtunity (Score 1) 174

I was really hoping for a 4K screen

Wait, so you wanted the Oculus headset to release with a $3K pricetag? And that is probably a huge underestimate, is it even possible with current tech to shrink 4K down into an 1"x1" screen?

Personally, I want to throw out my monitors and use a VR headset to create a virtual workspace.

Ohhhh. Well you could of just told us your're an idiot upfront and saved us the effort of reading your opinion.

Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 1) 174

It seems like there are some very simply ways of getting around that. If the issue is simply turning your head, then you just need to render slightly more screen area than you use. So you are ready for when the user turns their head, and you an update the displays without needing another render. You probably only need like 10% more area, and now you only need to render half as often.

Comment Re:But not Asians or Indians? (Score 1) 445

You do realize that Asians and Indians are the only minorities in north america that have been put into concentration camps because of our superior "acceptance" of them. That is one of the most offensive and stupid comment I have read. Asians and Indians were the absolutely worst treated minority in all of North America. It does happen as much now, of course, as they are far more successful than everyone else.

Comment Re:Must be discrimination (Score 1) 445

Even if we assume we could get perfect data on ever minutia of this population, no you cold not assume that. OK, we control for the hundreds of known things that effect, or are maybe just correlated, to IQ. If it still does not all equal that is mostly likely due to not having perfect knowledge of every single status that can effect IQ. To detect racial bias you would need to test for that specifically.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 445

But in all honesty Asians are obviously the superior astronauts, and everyone countries should be using them exclusively. Tiny and incredibly smart. You could probably shave a huge amount of requirements off the top of sending someone into space, if that someone was a foot shorter and 50 pounds lighter than the alternative.

Comment Bullshit (Score 1) 165

We have known for hundreds of years that measuring work only serves to get people to game the system. This has been happening in computer science for decades, and it is a well known fact that their is no perfect algorithm that actually measures the value of someones work. Instead we are left counting lines written, and creating loads of problems and reducing actual productivity.

Comment Both are Garbage (Score 0) 147

Most of the work done on "Word Processors" could be done faster and better in a text editor. You do not need fancy animated word art most of the time, and a simple text editor will do a far better job in most of those cases. Why deal with all the viruses, bloated files, and incompatible formats, when you can just output your work to a standard ascii or unicode file.

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