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Comment: Re:Am I Missing Something? (Score 1) 99

by wisnoskij (#49150427) Attached to: Microsoft Finally Allows Customers To Legally Download Windows 7 ISOs
Ya, if I remember correctly, they do "offer" ISOs and have for a long long time, but not in easy to find locations. If i am remembering correctly they just "forgot" to install any security on one of their FTP servers and there are websites that will, list the available OS ISOs.

Comment: Re:How about healing spinal cord injuries first? (Score 1) 202

by wisnoskij (#49146573) Attached to: Surgeon: First Human Head Transplant May Be Just Two Years Away
Actually, this might be a first step. The fact that the wound is perfectly fresh, and extremely cleanly severed (maybe they even sever it in such a way as to get a little extra nerves to work with). It could be a far easier fix than an actual injury.

Comment: Re:amazing (Score 1) 279

by wisnoskij (#49119045) Attached to: Intel Moving Forward With 10nm, Will Switch Away From Silicon For 7nm
Specifically, above and beyond any advanced AI software we would need dedicated hardware designed from the ground up for the task. Getting a computer to emulate a human with a generic processor, is like saying when will our general CPUs be powerful enough that we can just forget about getting a video card. A processor designed for general purpose computing will never be powerful enough to simulate a powerful specialized processor like a human brain.

Comment: Re:amazing (Score 1) 279

by wisnoskij (#49118941) Attached to: Intel Moving Forward With 10nm, Will Switch Away From Silicon For 7nm
It seem to me at this point the biggest improvements will have to be architectural. It is not like size is a constraint, processors could be 20 times bigger and still be small enough for a desktop. The problem is designing one where latency does not kill its efficiency.

Or atoms are like 99.99% empty space, I wonder if we could break the atom barrier and cut away at all that wasted space (push atoms closer together then you find naturally).

Comment: Re:How does this compare to radio? (Score 1) 303

by wisnoskij (#49112677) Attached to: Pandora Pays Artists $0.001 Per Stream, Thinks This Is "Very Fair"
I would be more interested to hear how much they made per stream. It is just ad based right? You do not make that much off of an individual seeing an ad for 5 minutes. The average user probably listens for hours at a time, which will come out to like 15 cents, which is loads more that I would of thought an ad company would give them for a single user.

Comment: Re:I.D. (Score 1) 95

by wisnoskij (#49105047) Attached to: Humans' Big Brains Linked To a Small Stretch of DNA
Lol. Just lol. You obviously have not put much thought into this. If you had bothered to get up and look around you would have found that all of the long lasting species have incredibly small brains. Brains are far too demanding of vast quantities of meat, and cause too many natal problems to survive any significant changing conditions.

Look at how successfully early humans survived all over the globe, in almost every climate

Yes along side thousands of other species that are even more widely dispersed and which have been at the game of survival thousands (in some cases billions) of times longer. Come talk to me after humans has surpassed the average mammalian species lifespan (although, at that point the dodo will still have them beat).

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