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Comment: Re:This is not good... (Score 1) 254

by wisnoskij (#49541225) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis
Millions of people smoke like chimneys for their entire lives and many never get lung cancer. There is not a point X where you have smoked the exact number of requisite cigarettes and now are guaranteed to get cancer. You can put a different person into the exact same environment with the exact same cigarettes smoked at the exact same time and they will not both develop lung cancer at the same time, in the same place. Different people have lungs more or less able to cope with the smoking, either through their health or genetics. And different people are just more or less likely to develop cancer.

Comment: A Travesty (Score 2, Interesting) 202

It is truly a travesty that a privileged asshole like Aaron who was handled with kiddy gloves all the way through gets this kind of credit, when there are numerous well documented cases of the actual overzealous persecution in the computer hacking world and beyond. People who were put into prison for decades, people who had the prosecuter lie and fake evidence, people who were unconstitutionally confined to solitary for months at a time.

Comment: Re:Political System Works as Designed (Score 1) 163

I meant of their shareholders/owners. How do they not act as the collective will of their owners? The CEO can be bossed around and fired by the owners. They own him, or at least his work as it pertains to their company. Yes, you have to worry abut the same things any democracy worry about. It is possible for the majority to vote against their wishes for a number of psychological reasons, but cooperations do not seem any more vulnerable to decision making problems than any other democratic based grouping of people.

Comment: Re:Political System Works as Designed (Score 1) 163

You don't seem to understand. I did not mean that they represent the janitor and the mail lady. I mean they are legal entities that represent the owners of the corporation which is nothing more than a bunch of fancy words around a shared banking account and the grouping of a specific subset of the assets owned by the owners. They are owned either by single individuals, sometimes the CEO, or small groups of individuals. Or in the case of publicly traded companies possibly more with enough shares to matter. The CEO is chosen to represent these owners wishes and if he misrepresents the politics of the owners they have many legal methods to straighten that mess out. "the CEO and a couple of other executives" are 100% accountable to the owners.

Corporations are just legal jargon that simplify a system into a metaphor with personification. This group of individuals who have a shared objective and assets that they own together, get represented together as a single individual under the law for tax/financial/accounting/easy of use reasons. But at the end of the day if you get rid of corporation, while it would making managing one far harder without a separate bank account, etc adnausium. They could still easily donate to political causes because the owner(s) would just take some of the money which is theirs and donate it to the politician directly.

Comment: Political System Works as Designed (Score 0, Flamebait) 163

Sony Email Hack reveals American Political System works as designed, news at 11.

Cue the mock outrage and political maneuvering designed to invent a scandal.

There is nothing below board with supporting politicians who you agree with, that is representative democracy. Yes there are valid concerns all over the world with now allowing unproportional support. But America allows and embraces people who spend more time campaigning for the politician they support; People who are just more charismatic and better able to sway others to their position; People who have more time or make more time (special interest groups) for supporting their politicians; And finally people who have more money specifically to donate to support their politics. And Corporations as nothing more than groups of individual citizens, are or course allowed to do all of this as well.

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