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Comment: Re:It'll never happen (Score 1) 294

That is actually the hopeful view. The pessimistic view is that this means that within a few generations Human kind will necessarily go extinct. Well "hopeful" within reason, as with no interstellar travel your species might still last a few billions years, but would die with the death of their star.

Comment: Re:It'll never happen (Score 1) 294

But not all space is traveling away from itself. On a galactic scale it is relatively static. Andromeda is even traveling towards us. It is not that you can get from every planet in the universe to every other planet in the universe. But in our little section of the universe, with hundreds of billions of planets, space is tiny relative to time.

Comment: Re:It'll never happen (Score 5, Interesting) 294

I think you are thinking of two different things, one being The Fermi Paradox. Basically the idea goes that even if just one planet in this entire galaxy bore life, and it took at least as long as it took our planet to develop advanced life forms, they would of easily had enough time in the billions of years that have passed to colonize every single planet a thousand times over in the entire galaxy (Even if the maximum space travel speed they reached is far less than we have already achieved). Hell, even colonizing other galaxies is easy in that time-frame. Space in incredibly tiny compared to the amount of time that has passed. So even if we did not find aliens themselves, we would expect to find Alien mining complex ruins on mars, etc. Now that is not an absolute proof. There has been a theory that would render it completely mood. The common theory is that life evolved from nothing to us in 4 billion years. Some people are saying that not only did life start here as space microbes from asteroids, but that perhaps 4 billions years is not nearly enough time, that this life already had billions of years of evolution to get to this stage. So perhaps right now is the first time in the history of the universe that non-microbial life has existed anywhere, and it potentially got spread to and created in multiple locations relatively simultaneously. Not that these theories need to be complimentary. It could be that life arrived here from Mars or further, but it did not save a significant amount of time in an evolutionary sense and does not invalidate The Fermi Paradox.

Comment: Re:I Don't Buy It (Score 1) 408

Well, there are some arguments about it in theory. There are legitimate points to be made. And one universal truth is that there is loads of areas to be improved in how our legal system handles and defines crimes. But, no one personally is sympathetic to them, it is all theoretical.
And I really do not see where you are coming from. How does it create demand? Are there Pedophiles making a killing off of ads or subscriptions? I sort of get the impression it is more about enthusiastic individuals who do it because that is what they love, and they get a thrill of video taping and posting it. They are not some sort of business man or entertainer, who are just in it for the money or applause.

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