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Comment Re:What happened to Common Sense? (Score 1) 363 363

In my opinion, every individual bears the brunt of responsibility for themselves. It does not matter if we are talking about crimes, acts of god, or accidents. Crime happens, it is a statistical fact. If it was not the person who did it, it would of been someone else. It is not the fault of a individual criminal that crime exists or the fault of a single bad driver that if you are not being extremely vigilant and are ready for fast action while anywhere near a road you might get killed. Look at it this way. We have a car collide with a pedestrian crossing the road. If we had the ability to go back in time to educate a single individual, for the purpose of saving that single pedestrian, how best to use this power? We could teach the motorist to be a better driver, but there is nothing particularly out of the ordinary about this driver, they are probably not any worse than a significant percentage of other drivers, so we have not increased the victims changes of survival much. Alternatively, if we went back and taught the victim to be vigilant while crossing the road, we would have greatly increased their chances of surviving traffic. You bear the ultimate responsibility over your own life. No one else. It is not that fault of the lightning that strikes just because you are the victim of that strike, it is not the fault of the home robber, he just did what home robbers do, pick the easiest house to rob. If he did not exist another robber would of made that same assessment. Yes, criminals are also responsible, they are responsible for their actions and for the harm they cause, but if you want to prevent crime from happening you blame the victim, because it is they who had the power to prevent it, and failed to do so.

Comment Re:Ridiculous Premise. (Score 1) 654 654

My best example is when I went to university in Kitchener/Waterloo. It was a 4-7 minute drive to the university. Which translated into an hour bus ride. No one who could afford a car would ever take the bus in that situation, even if they were paid to do so.

Comment Ridiculous Premise. (Score 1) 654 654

The reason people drive to work instead of using public transit, is not because public transit is more expensive. Period, no one in their right mind has ever made this argument. Even the most expensive public transit in the world is less tan a tiny fraction of the cost of owning and operating a car. They do not use public transit because it take far longer than a car. Look at Toronto, they could pretty much charge anything they wanted, it is faster to use public transit, so pretty much everyone does. There are even people who drive to work from out of town, who park out in the boondocks and transfer to public transit for the final leg of their journey (and probably spend thousands on parking). But then you have cities where it is ass slow, like slower than walking, and cities where the driver might be an hour early or an hour late, depending on if he took lunch.

Comment Separate your Networks. (Score 1) 267 267

If you have important data it absolutely should not be stored on the same machines used to watch porn and browse Facebook. I know we are supposed to be entering the Internet Of Things revolution where even your fridge has direct access to the internet, but there is no reason to use the same machine to both access random web pages and store sensitive client financial data. Just install an open wifi router, completely disconnected from your business network, and allow the employees to research/goof-off at their leisure on their iphones.

Comment 2 Weeks? (Score 1) 517 517

Bullshit. Sure, cosmic rays will randomly flip bits over time and cause OS degradation. But that is over months or years. It is it noticeably slower after a few weeks that is something else, most often installing random shit. Note: Chrome, by default, is always running in the background.

Comment Re:Tell me... (Score 1) 172 172

I think, while it might make sense to say that a 500 page book takes more effort, I think we might be surprised. I think like coding most of the effort can easily go into trimming a book down. Both authors wrote 600 page manuscripts, the one whole published the 200 page one just spend months more refining than the 500 page guy.

Comment Re:The cliches are right (Score 1) 583 583

Which works well if you are a competent person. But 99% of the people out there are mediocre at best and have a self inflated opinion of themselves, and would just screw up their career if they "took ownership" of it. By the law of statistics 99% of people who get passed over for a promotion were passed over because they were not the best candidate.

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