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Comment Its About Time (Score 2) 216

Technically anytime a company hires an H1B1, and you believe you have the qualifications for that job, you can raise hell. Hell, maybe you could even sue for lost wages. Because that is not supposed to happen. Period. To actually get fired over a H1B1 is completely ridiculous, and in this case the company has no recourse to saying that they looked for qualified professionals in America, but could not find one. The case is cut and dry, the company brazenly lied to the government, and the government rubber stamped the H1B1, like always. Like how Google, et al, got a non-competitive business practice suit brought against them for agreeing to not snipe each others employees. Americans need to come together and launch a major lawsuit against H1B1 users and their government lackeys.

Comment I Don't Care (Score 3, Funny) 173

I don't care if Jackson had to shoot the entire trilogy on a long weekend with an iphone as the only camera. That is still no excuse to have an Elf fall in love with a dwarf because he made a joke that implied his penis was a dangerous weapon. And it is certainly no excuse of the ridiculous CGI action sequences.

Comment Re:Well they are in the right.. (Score 1) 209

The taxi company owner needs a lot of money, the taxi driver is typically an illigal alien who does not even speak English and has 5 dollars to his name. The owners typically buy the badges, not to run a taxi service so much as to invest in taxi badges becaue prior to Uber their "worth" tended to keep going up and up. Because, the goverment has granted you a monopoly, you do not have to worry about oout performing your compitition. That is worth a pretty penny. And then people just started treating it as a high risk stock market.

Comment Must be Missing Something (Score 1) 175

They seem to be implying that it is industry practice to just cut someone off from the internet becuase someone deteced that you used the BT Protocol for something unknown and unspecified. First off, how would a rights owner even know I was using bittorrent without knowing which torrent I was DLing? My ISP could sense general torrent traffic, but from my understanding it is the rights holders that do the snooping, and all they do if torrent their own work and write down peer addresses.

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