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Comment So, if I am reading this right? (Score 1) 68

All BB devices will just stop working in Pakistan, today? Do the owners get refunds?
At least, how else will the company stop all Service traffic in the country, other then to stop the traffic.

This actually seems worse that just complying. At least you would have a working device, and they could plaster the "send message" screen with warnings about the government reading all your messages.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 499

From my understanding the Orthodoxy questions the validity of the conversions on religious grounds. I think I have heard that they are pressured into conversions, and obviously do not mean to actually uphold Jewish law making their conversions invalid by definition. The Orthodoxy is strict, but at least theoretically if you meet their strict standards on Jewish observation, they you have to take the Bible's word on the matter that you are Jewish now.

Comment Re:Fuck Israel (Score 1) 499

No, it is the liberals who can make it up as they go along. But if you believe in the one and only truth of the Bible, you must accept a converted Jew as a Jew in all ways. It is not Christianity, where you can be judged on your Christianity, found wanting, and kicked out. And Jew is a Jew, pretty much forever. There are very few things that can change that. Its all ritualised and quantified into black and white categories. There is no, "you have not been to church in a month, you are not a real Christian". The Old Testament lays out what makes you a Jew and what can take it away; And there are no levels of Jewness. A Jew can skip Jew church for a thousand years, generation after generation, and is still a Jew.

Then where are the black and Chinese Hasidic Jews?

Just because you can convert, does not mean everyone is going to convert. Jews are one of the least evangelical of all the religions and typically do not seek out converts. And just because you are a Jew, does not mean you cannot be racist, even against fellow Jews of other races.

Comment Re:Nurses or teachers? (Score 0) 223

Ya, it seems to be years of full time schooling. Pretty much the equivalent of a very easy bachelor's program.

But at the end of it, when I was told they were capable of doing, it is just non-medical, and non-technical things. They cannot cure a headache, or even apply medicine to patients, nor use any of the diagnosis devises. They are the ones who change the sheets, sponge bath the patients, and change the bandages. Jobs that typically do not require any skills, so I am not really sure why it took them so long to graduate. I think it is mostly about how to not accidentally kill patients when changing the sheets.

Comment Re:Nurses or teachers? (Score 1) 223

The ridiculous part is how little they teach nurses, at least in Canada. I have a few friends, and basically they just teach them how to make a bed. The "how to use a needle" course is an optional extra. I guess nursing started out as housewives with no extra skills helping out. And the only thing that has changed since then is that the nurses have less skills, and need to be taught the basics of cleanliness.

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